Pink Pearl Restaurant-4 Decades of Dim Sum

Disclaimer: I was invited to a media event by Chinese Bites at Pink Pearl Restaurant. All food and drinks were complimentary but opinions are my own.

Pink Pearl Chinese RestaurantPink Pearl has been around since the 1980’s and they are now celebrating four decades of dim sum and Chinese cuisine. I’ve heard of Pink Pearl before from my parents but I’ve actually never been there. According to the manager, they closed down for a few years due to a fire and re-opened in 2012 so this was their 5th re-opening anniversary. They are located on E. Hastings near Clark Drive and also easily accessible by public transit. Read on to find out what new dim sum items I discovered!

Pink Pearl Chinese RestaurantThey have an enormous parking lot beside the restaurant in addition to the parking spaces seen in the photo above.

Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant

First off we had the classic Shrimp Dumplings. They were a bit smaller than what I’m used to seeing but sometimes if they’re bigger they only give you three pieces instead of four. The wrapper was firm and the filling was full of bouncy shrimp. Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant

Next we had a dish from the 80’s, Duck Web Wrap. This was duck feet wrapped in bean curd with some taro and ham inside. I’ve never seen this before! I don’t usually eat feet but I used to really like it. Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant

The Lotus Wrapped Stuffed Sticky Rice at Pink Pearl was a bit different than the usual Lo Mai Gai that I’ve been eating. This was like a giant Lo Mai Gai instead of two or three individually wrapped ones. It came with a ton of filling inside like cured sausage, mushroom, squash? and ground meat. You’ll be full if you just order this for yourself!
Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant

The Shrimp Toast turned out to be my favourite item! I’ve never had it before either. A triangular piece of toast is butter and deep fried with a ball of shrimp filling on top. Loved the succulent shrimp! Does anyone know where else I can find this?

Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant

Then we had some BBQ Pork Buns. Pretty standard but they were a bit smaller than what I’m used to seeing. Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant

The Steamed Sticky Rice Roll was another delicious item as I love sticky rice. The steamed bun was very soft and the sticky rice was perfectly cooked. This came with four pieces. Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant

Another classic item from the 80’s was Pork and Liver Siu Mai. Instead of the traditional siu mai we see nowadays which has a yellow wrapper around the pork filling, this siu mai had no wrapper and just had a piece of liver on top of a pork and shrimp ball. Since I’m not a fan of liver I just ate the pork ball which was very soft and moist. Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant

The Pan Fried Half Moon Dumplings came with some broth to dip it in. I wasn’t really a fan of the fried skin on this and there wasn’t much filling in it either. Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant

The Beef Rice Rolls are a must order item for me! The rice noodles were very soft and smooth here. Same with the shrimp rice rolls (pictured above behind the pork and liver siu mai)!
Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant

Before dessert arrived, we had the Wok Fried Lotus Root with Fresh Mushrooms. I don’t usually order this at dim sum but it’s a common dish ordered around dinner time. This was the first time I’ve seen it with goji berries though!

Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant

For dessert, we had Gojoy Goji Berry Jelly. This was served cold so it was refreshing and sweet! Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant

Lastly we had Black and White Sweet Sesame Rolls. I rarely see these for dessert anymore! My grandma used to make them for me! Definitely a childhood favourite of mine. These were not too sweet and had a nice chewy texture. Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant

Lastly we were sent home with some XO Sauce!

I enjoyed all the items I tried at Pink Pearl! My dim sum expectations are probably low though but everything was solid and tasty. I would re-visit if it wasn’t so far away!

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