TAKO (Taqueria Koreano)

I’ve previously tried Korean-Mexican fusion food before at the Disco Cheetah food truck and it was pretty good so I was interested in trying a similar concept at TAKO or Taqueria Koreano.

Taqueria Koreano-TAKO

They are just outside the Stadium Chinatown skytrain station which is extremely convenient! I work close to Waterfront station so I just hop on the train for a few stops to get here for a quick lunch.

Taqueria Koreano-TAKO

On my first visit, I tried their “Poutine”. They offer a few varieties including the Koreano Poutine which has panfried kimchi and bulgogi as well as Tako Poutine which you can get with bulgogi, spicy pork and BBQ short rib. TAKO’s poutine is not made with cheese curds like you’d expect. I ordered the Bulgogi TAKO Poutine and it came with lots of bulgogi, bits of tomato, green onion, and a lot of creamy mayo! There was also cheese sauce incorporated in here as well. The fries were crispy and just the way I like them. Overall, the taste was savoury and very creamy. I think they could ease up on the mayo though but it wouldn’t stop me from ordering it again. Their poutine here reminds me of Frites on Granville. Taqueria Koreano-TAKO

On my next visit, I was determined to try a burrito. I asked the cashier which was her favourite or the best and she said Spicy Pork which I was already thinking about so I went ahead and ordered it. The food came pretty fast even though there were a few people ahead of me and only 2 people working in the kitchen.

I must say that the burrito was very well wrapped! The flour tortilla held up really well and as for the spicy pork, it was more sweet than spicy to me but it was really good. The burrito also has kimchi fried rice, corn and cheese as well as some greens. The pork was more crumbly than I expected but not in a dry way and it was flavourful.

On the other hand, I wasn’t a fan of the tortilla chips served on the side. They seem to be homemade? It needed more salt and the texture was not as crunchy as store bought chips. Maybe it’d be better if they served some pickled daikon or kimchi on the side instead.
Taqueria Koreano-TAKO

TAKO also has a happy hour special from 2-5pm where you can get 3 tacos, bibimbap, burritos or quesadillas for just $8! It’s great if you eat late lunches! I would be interested in trying the quesadillas next.

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