After having a pretty good experience at Wildebeest for Dine Out Vancouver, I decided to come back and try their brunch. I checked out their brunch menu online and I was pretty excited about it! I can brunch all day everyday.


I have an obsession with cauliflower lately so I was ordered the Cauliflower Benedict which came with a side salad and smashbrowns. Instead of using the traditional English Muffin, the benedicts at Wildebeest are served on a buttermilk biscuit and they use sous vide eggs instead of poached eggs.The texture of the eggs was interesting as it wasn’t really runny like I was expecting.

WildebeestI know cauliflower is an expensive vegetable but they could’ve given me a bit more here. There were literally four small pieces. The best part was the buttered biscuit! It was a delicious savoury combination. The smashbrowns were also well seasoned and made this a hearty meal. However, the salad was much too salty. Salads aren’t even suppose to be salty so I’m not sure why they thought they needed to add salt… I let our server know at the end of our meal and he was apologetic about it. Wildebeest

My friend had the Smoked Salmon Benedict which I didn’t try but she said it wasn’t that memorable and her salad was also too salty. Wildebeest

Hot sauce and ketchup for our smashbrowns.

There were some hits and misses with our meal and although I don’t have any huge complaints I kind of wished that we had went to Catch 122 next door instead… Sorry Wildebeest!

Any brunch recommendations?

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