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A few weeks ago the Royal Family Circus was in town and my friends and I got cheap tickets on Groupon! It was only $15 each so that was a great deal for a night of entertainment. They were set up on the PNE fair grounds so we went to Bai Bua Thai on E. Hastings and Nanaimo for dinner first. It’s right across from the 95 B-line stop.

Bai Bua Thai Bai Bua Thai

We arrived just after 5pm so it was super empty. It was fairly spacious inside and didn’t really look like a Thai restaurant as there were no Thai-themed decorations. Not a bad thing though! There’s a menu board at the back with some specials. Bai Bua Thai

For our appetizer, we shared some Chicken Satay Skewers. The chicken is marinated in coconut milk and seasoned with spices and it was very moist and juicy! The accompanying peanut sauce was also delicious. It was a great appetizer choice and we had 2 orders since we had 8 people. Bai Bua Thai

Next we shared the Red Curry with Chicken. The curry also came with bamboo shoots, red and green peppers as well as eggplant. The curry was creamy, fragrant and delicious! It wasn’t spicy at all.

This does not come with rice so we had to order it separately. The container you see here is the large size of the Coconut Rice for $5. You can also choose steamed rice, brown rice or sticky rice. The server said that the large rice can be shared between 4 people. Bai Bua Thai

Here we have the Green Curry with Beef. We were unsure if this was the green curry because on their menu the green curry is extremely green looking but of course that was probably unrealistic haha This was also not spicy to me and I realized that you can’t adjust the level of spiciness. It’s good for people who can’t eat spicy foods though. Bai Bua Thai

We also ordered the Pineapple Fried Rice which had some sweetness to it and you can choose between chicken, beef and pork for your protein. We went with pork. Can’t go wrong with this!
Bai Bua Thai

I can’t eat Thai food without getting Pad Thai! You can get this with shrimp, chicken or tofu. I really enjoyed Bai Bua Thai’s version as it had a good balance of sweetness from the Tamarind sauce. Bai Bua Thai

Lastly we decided to try the Garlic Pork with garlic and pepper sauce. The garlic flavour wasn’t too strong and the pork was tender. It wasn’t that special though so I’d pass on it next time.

Each dish is really cheap around $11-12 and since we were a bunch of girls who don’t eat a lot, this worked out well for us! All this food was for 8 people and it was around $12 each with tax and tip which is great for dinner! We didn’t get to try Bai Bua Thai’s famous mango sticky rice dessert so I may be back!

PS. The circus was actually better than I expected! There were a lot of kids but each act was short and things moved along quickly and we were always entertained.

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