Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine

Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine is located in the same complex as the new Walmart on Garden City in Richmond. It seems fairly new so my family decided to check it out. It’s located beside Nando’s and across from Darumaya, the Japanese grocery store (they have pillowy-soft mochi there!).

Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine

Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine is the sister restaurant of Yuan’s Shanghai Serendipity Cuisine next to Aberdeen. I wonder what Z & Y stands for?

Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine

The decor is more modern as opposed to Yuan’s which looks more like old Shanghai inside. They have large windows so it’s fairly bright as well. Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine

The menu is printed on brown paper so it was a little hard to read for me. Also, it doesn’t have a lot of pictures. Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine

First off we had to get an order for Xiao Long Bao (XLB)! The soup dumplings here are a bit on the larger side and had plenty of soup. The skin wasn’t the thinnest I’ve seen but it was well made. I also like their sparkly table top.

Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine

Next we had Minced Pork with Pancake Wraps. Sorry I don’t have the actual names of the dishes. Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine

I’m not sure what sauce was used for the pork but it was tasty and not too salty. I love pancake wraps so I had fun with this. The dish comes with 8 wraps which isn’t enough for all the pork but we just eat it with rice so I don’t think that’s an issue. Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine

Speaking of rice, similar to Yuan’s, they only serve red grain rice. Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine

For our veggie dish, we had a stir fry of Peppers, Eggplant and Potato. The menu description didn’t say what sauce they used either except that it was supposed to be spicy. It wasn’t exactly spicy to me but it was flavourful albeit very oily. I’ve also never had potatoes stir fried like that. Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine

I ordered the Sweet and Sour Ribs the last time I was at Yuan’s too and it seems to be the exact same thing here. The bones were small which we appreciated and the meat was on the fatty side and tender.

Z & Y Shanghai CuisineI love anything sweet and sour and these hit the spot. The batter wasn’t too thick either.
Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine

Usually I’m not a huge soup person but I must say this Chicken and Wonton Soup blew us away!!! It had large pieces of chicken in it along with wonton and you can really taste the chicken in the soup. There were also pieces of smoked/cured ham which added extra flavour but didn’t make the soup salty. My brother had 5 bowls of soup which is saying something!

Z & Y Shanghai CuisineI was disappointed with their Tea Smoked Duck though. First of all, I need to complain about how the plate was way too big for the portion of duck. It just took up a lot of room on our crowded table. The duck itself was okay flavour wise but there were a lot of small bits of bones, maybe from the way they cut it up? The meat was one the drier side overall.

Price wise, Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine is on the higher end and service was good as we had our plates changed and tea re-filled in a timely manner. They’re not very busy yet as they’re still new so it should be easy to get a table. Besides the duck, we enjoyed everything else here!

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