Earl’s Test Kitchen-Happy Hour Cheap Eats

My BFF was visiting from Toronto last month and we decided to go to Earl’s Test Kitchen to grab some food before watching a movie. It’s located down the block from the Scotiabank theatre on Hornby and Smithe. It’s so convenient there’s no way you can be late for the movie! We watched Guardians of the Galaxy which was pretty funny. This was my first time at this Earl’s. In fact, I think this is the first time I’ve been to any Earl’s in ages!Β Earl's Test Kitchen

Happy hour is from 3-6pm and they take reservations. We arrived at 5pm on a Tuesday and it wasn’t very busy yet. The happy hour food items were really cheap! I wanted to try them all. In an effort to be healthy, we ordered the Avocado Super Toast for $7. I didn’t think it was going to be that super but it was surprisingly tasty! The tomatoes added a refreshing touch and there was some sort of citrus dressing drizzled over it along with something that looked a lot like sriracha? The toast remained crisp and didn’t get soggy. Presentation was pretty as well.Β Earl's Test Kitchen

I love me some Yam Fries ($5) and there were no complaints here! You can also order regular fries or garlic fries for $3.Β Earl's Test Kitchen

Lastly, we had to get the Margherita Pizza because I wanted to see what $3 could get me. Yes you read that correctly this was $3! Okay it was 8″ and really not that big but it had a nice chewy crust and it was really not bad at all!

If I’m in need of food before catching another movie, I’ll probably be back at Earl’s Test Kitchen in no time!

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