Illumination Night Market Highlights

Disclaimer: I was invited to a media tasting at the Illumination Night Market by ChineseBites. All food and beverages were complimentary but opinions are my own.

Illumination Night Market

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This year the Illumination Night Market (previously Panda Market) will be charging a $3 admission fee. In previous years it was free but it’s still a bit cheaper than the other night market where admission is $3.75. They have added some pretty lights hence the name “Illumination” Night Market. I’ll be highlighting some of the items I enjoyed or thought were interesting as I tried too many things! 

Illumination Night Market

First of all, I noticed that quite a few stalls did not have English names. The menu items were still in English and Chinese. Illumination Night Market

There is no shortage of skewers here. This stall called Skewers (according to a guide I had) served some flavourful Spicy Lamb SkewersIllumination Night Market

My Tea had a selection of fresh fruit teas and sparkling teas. This was the House Special Fresh Fruit Tea with had a mix of watermelon, strawberry, orange, lime, passionfruit and green tea. It was surprisingly refreshing and not too sweet. It was a great mix of fruits. Illumination Night Market

The Bubble Waffle was chewy just the way I like it. Illumination Night Market

This was the Dragon Crepe. I didn’t get to see how it was made and I’m not exactly sure what’s inside besides a mix of maybe pork and Hoisin sauce? It was pretty good though and I wouldn’t mind getting it again. Also the portion is fairly large.
Illumination Night Market

Next I tried the Seaweed Porky Fries. These are also available in wasabi and hot spicy flavours. The presentation looked appetizing but it turns out that it was just spam fries and yam fries alternating on a stick. For $6, I didn’t feel like it was worth it although it was tasty. Illumination Night Market

The Cheese Potato looked appetizing as well but turned out to be a disappointment. They take the concept of a baked potato and put their own twist on it by making it a croquette and adding a vegetable and sausage salad in the middle. The salad dressing was mildly sweet and it was also cold which contrasted with the potato and the potato didn’t taste like much either. I was expecting it to be savoury and cheesy but neither element was there. Illumination Night Market

Fried Squid with sweet and sour sauce from Taiwan Snacks was done quite well. The batter was crispy and the squid wasn’t overly chewy. Illumination Night Market

Another stall that looked interesting was Bi Bim Rito. I thought the name was a creative combination of bibimbap and burrito. We actually didn’t eat this cone shown here. It was just their display model that they lent us for photos. Illumination Night Market

We did eat the Kimchi Fried Rice with Pork Belly though. It’s served with a side salad and the kimchi fried rice was savoury but not too spicy. The pork belly was a good choice, tender but not too fatty. Illumination Night Market

These dumplings are from a stall called Mama’s Kitchen. It’s run by a man and his elderly mother who hand makes all the Dumplings from scratch! I actually thought they were pretty good. It had a good amount of filling and it was juicy. The skin is a bit softer than you’d expect based on the crisp-looking edges of the dumplings. Also, each portion has 6 pieces but we ate 2 already. Illumination Night Market

I felt this night market lacked dessert options. :( There were only 2 dessert stalls, Sweet Fish and Snowberry (which had a Chinese only sign). Sweet Fish serves up 3 flavours of Taiyaki: red bean, vanilla custard and Chocolate/Nutella. Each one comes with vanilla ice cream and a cookie straw. We chose the vanilla custard flavour but since I didn’t eat the whole thing I never got to the custard part but I enjoyed the light and crispy “fish” shell. Illumination Night Market

If you’re a fan of skewers but have since gone vegetarian/vegan, this is the answer for you!
Illumination Night Market

They have BBQ Wheat Gluten! They’re a bit chewy and reminded me of mochi in texture. You’re really eating this for the flavour and seasoning as it will not fill you up. It was $8 for 6 skewers. Illumination Night Market

At Old Wang, you can get this Crepe Wrap? Not sure what it’s called but it’s a noodle sheet (I think?) fried with onions, green onions, Hoisin sauce with spam inside. Illumination Night Market

Although a oily, it was quite good.  Illumination Night Market

These Galaxy Yam Balls are from a stall that specializes in radish cakes but by the time we got there they had run out already. However, these yam balls were really good! It also reminded me of mochi in texture. You can tell I like chewy things right? Illumination Night Market

They have a few sauces that you can drizzle over the balls like condensed milk, honey and chocolate. Illumination Night Market

Lastly, there’s a stall that sells Spicy Crawfish! I’ve never had crawfish before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Apparently you can only eat the tiny tail part…and maybe the claw if you can get the meat out. The vendor will peel the tail for you. They also serve seasoned duck tongue here so I think I might be more interested in that than crawfish.
Illumination Night Market The Illumination Night Market also has an area where you can buy these wooden plaques, write your wish on it and then hang it up. I believe it’s similar to a Japanese tradition? The plaques comes in small ($5), medium ($8) and large ($10). You can also get a lock lock for $8.

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