Richmond Night Market 2017

The Richmond Night Market is something I look forward to every year. Admission this year is $3.75 now. Since there were only 2 of us we decided not to get the zoom pass. We arrived at 6:50pm (they open at 7pm) and the line up was extremely long already. We waited 45 mins to get in but then the food line ups weren’t as long. If you go a bit later then the line up to get in will be shorter but the food line ups will be longer. Either way prepare to line up.

Richmond Night Market

They are still doing the dino theme and have incorporated bumper cars into their line up of games! There were also mini bumper cars for younger kids. I felt bad for the ride attendant who kept getting bumped into by the kids. Richmond Night Market

There are a lot of choices so make sure you walk around before deciding on what you want to get! Our first stop was Chicking. They serve Korean style fried chicken. Richmond Night Market

We went with the K-yangneom flavour which was sweet and spicy. The single sized portion ($6) was actually pretty big and good for 2 people. The sauce was good but there was a bit too much batter on the chicken and it could’ve been more moist. Richmond Night Market

Next I wanted to try this Tamagoyaki stall. It felt a bit expensive considering it was just egg with stuff on top but it’s the night market so I expected it anyway. Richmond Night Market

We chose the Crab and Tobiko Salad flavour. Each serving is $6.25 and comes with 6 pieces. The egg is rolled up with seaweed and cheese? inside. It was tasty but I felt like I could probably make it at home myself.

Richmond Night Market

Then we had another protein dish. We went with the Oktoberfest Style Roasted Pork Hocks. They now serve them in half size portions ($9.50) with sauerkraut as well as the full sized pork hock. Not sure if they did this before but the half sized portion is great if you don’t have too many people to share it with! The meat was the right combination of fatty and tender and it was oh so delicious! Richmond Night Market

Finally, it was time for dessert! We were actually pretty full at this point even after walking around the whole market first but we decided to get a Japanese crepe. We had seen the stall owner walk around with a sign advertising it to the people lining up to get in earlier. Looks like his efforts were not in vain!Richmond Night Market

We chose the Luxury Crepe ($6.50) which had mochi, whipped cream, red bean and green tea ice cream. It doesn’t look like they put a lot of ingredients in it but taste wise it turned out okay.
Richmond Night Market

It was really hard to take a picture of the crepe since it was super soft and flopped around. The Japanese crepe was quite soft and the batter was sweeter than we expected. It was definitely a great choice for dessert though and the cold green tea ice cream was refreshing on a hot day.

The rest of the Richmond night market had the usual socks and phone case stalls and wasn’t as busy as the food section. I did end up buying a super fluffy Totoro bathrobe for $25. I won’t be able to wear it for a while but it was so fluffy I couldn’t resist! =D It was also cheaper than the onesies which were $45.

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