Brunch at Cuckoo Callay-Sydney

I do all my food research on Instagram so when I was looking up brunch places, I came across Cuckoo Callay. Located just outside Newtown station (literally outside), this cafe was having their 3rd annual bacon festival.

Cuckoo Callay

The bacon festival dishes had names that were puns of popular movies like Slumhog Millionaire and Jurrasic Pork.Β  Cuckoo Callay

This was the Reservoir Hogs which was a bacon wrapped burrito with pork and black bean chili, cheesy scrambled eggs, avocado salsa and sour cream on the side. It was a very savoury combination!

Cuckoo Callay

For myself, I had to get the Mac Daddy which had double smoked bacon, bacon mac and cheese with a 63 degree poached egg on top with tomato relish and fried shallots on a toasted croissant. This was a feast for the eyes! Who knew mac and cheese would go so well on top of a croissant? The bacon slices were thick and crisp and the croissant was perfectly soft and flaky. I would love to get this again!!!Β Cuckoo Callay

They served our utensils and napkins in an old tin can which I thought was super hipster but I also questioned how sanitary that was? It probably just looked old and the part that you eat was stuck out of the can so it was probably fine…Cuckoo Callay

Our food took quite a while to come (30 mins) and our server was apologetic about it and gave us a Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwich on the house when we paid! I sat right near where the food was brought out and I was constantly craning my neck to see if our food would come next and she probably noticed. The cookie was super soft and chewy in texture and the buttercream didn’t get squished out when you bit into it! The buttercream had bits of crunchy peanut butter bits incorporated into it. What a great way to end a meal!

You should definitely give Cuckoo Callay a try for brunch if you’re in the Newtown area.

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