Desserts at Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar

After having fish and chips on Granville Island, my friends and I decided that we needed dessert. Since most places on Granville Island were already closed we brainstormed nearby dessert joints and my friend suggested Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar. Typically I get desserts at Asian dessert cafes or ice cream shops so this was new and different for me. Also a lot fancier!

Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar

Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar is located inside the Sutton Place Hotel which is diagonal from the Scotiabank Theatre. They used to have a different restaurant here that had a chocolate buffet but unfortunately I never got to try it. 

Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar

Right off the bat my friend asked the server to start making the Chocolate Souffle even before we sat down! The chocolate souffle takes about 15 minutes to prepare so she wanted to get it going first. Made with Valrhona chocolate and served with vanilla sauce, this souffle was absolutely the definition of decadent.

The server will poke a hole in the souffle and pour the sauce inside for you. I haven’t had many souffles in my life so I don’t have much to compare it with but I thought it was delicious! It was a comforting combination of warm, chocolate flavours and the souffle was so moist and fluffy. Almost like a really rich chocolate cake. This was also their most expensive dessert at $14. The other ones below are $12.Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar

Moving onto something lighter, we had the Fromage Blanc. This was cheese mousse and souffle with shortbread crumble and raspberry sorbet. This was so light it didn’t even taste very cheesy and I enjoyed the tartness from the raspberry sorbet and the raspberry sauce on the plate. It was a bit too light for me though and not something I’d usually order. Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar

This was my favourite dessert of the night, the Salted Sesame Praline Bar. This was composed of roasted black and white sesame praline crunch, sesame mousse and salted caramel ice cream. Toasted marshmallow also decorated the plate. Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar

The bar is formed with a few layers within it and the sesame mousse was so smooth with a strong sesame flavour!  I like how they used black and white sesame. As a lover of black sesame ice cream and black sesame soup this was a nice take on an Asian flavour. There was a balance between smooth and crunchy elements and the salted caramel ice cream was refreshing.

Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar

Lastly, we had the Rhubarb Tart with rhubarb compote, strawberry cremeux and lemon thyme ice cream. Our server informed us that this was a new seasonal dessert that they just added. This was actually not too sweet or tart! However, it wasn’t really my cup of tea compared to the other desserts that we had.

I’m glad that I tried a variety of desserts here! I felt like the ice creams could’ve been a bit more cold though since they melted quite easily. Since I’m an ice cream lover I would’ve appreciated a bigger scoop too! We had a great fine dining dessert experience at Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar and our server made the experience even better!

Any recommendations for souffle in Vancouver?

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