Sydney Fish Market-Sushi Donuts!

The Sydney Fish Market is the third largest in the world. I’ve never been to any other fish markets before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. You will be seeing posts from my Sydney trip (again) for the next few months! I had saw on Instagram that they had sushi donuts so I was going to get that for sure! I actually went twice because the first ┬átime I went, they had sold out of sushi donuts already. The market closes at 4pm and they only had 1 left by 2pm so I had to go back the next day. They are quite busy and there are plenty of tourist there!

Sydney Fish Market

The market consists of various vendors selling fresh seafood as well as cooked seafood. I was here for the cooked seafood as it would’ve been too much trouble to cook it myself.

Sydney Fish Market Cafe

My first stop was for sushi donuts at the Fish Market Cafe. They have a quite a few varieties but they weren’t labelled and you had to ask the server what they were. Basically they’re sushi rolls in the shape of bagels. $8 for 1 or $15 for 2.

Sydney Fish Market Cafe

I wasn’t exactly sure what we got but they were so pretty! There was a lot going on for each donut but unfortunately they didn’t taste as amazing as they looked. I should’ve known as this was another fad…

The sushi donuts are pre-made so the rice was cold and it wasn’t as pleasant to eat. There is also a second layer of avocado and fish in the middle of the donut as well. It wasn’t good enough for me to get again unless it was freshly made. The cafe is busy all day so I can see why they’d make them ahead of time and since it’s mostly for tourists, they probably don’t expect them to come back anyway.

Sydney Fish Market Cafe

Another item that I had my eye on were the Aburi Scallops. Theses had scallops on top of sushi rice and then cheese was put on top and torched. Then they added mayo, seaweed seasoning and tobiko on top.

Sydney Fish Market Cafe

I happened to get a new batch freshly torched. Yay!

Sydney Fish Market Cafe

The cheesy combination was delicious! The cheese gets hard if you don’t eat it right away.These were 3 for $10. Another vendor sells them 3 for $12 so not sure if they taste any better.

Sydney Fish Market Cafe

The last thing we had from Fish Market Cafe was the Grilled Seafood Platter for 2. This consisted of BBQ baby octopus, grilled gemfish, Pacific oysters (mornay and kilpatrick), grilled scallops, grilled calamari, BBQ prawn skewer and chips. The seafood wasn’t overcooked considering that everything is pre-cooked already. The grilled calamari and baby octopus were quite juicy and not too chewy. Fish could’ve been a bit more moist.

Flavour wise, the seasoning was good but nothing was particularly outstanding. You can choose to get the platter with chips or rice and we went with chips but rice would’ve been a good option too as the sauces and juices from some of the seafood would’ve went well with the rice. I don’t really feel like it was worth $45.50. FYI exchange rate for AUD to CAD is at par right now.

Sydney Fish Market Cafe

My boyfriend really wanted sashimi/sushi so we opted for nigiri from another vendor. Each piece is $2.50 or 5 pieces for $10. I was glad the rice wasn’t cold here and the fish was fresh but nothing different just because it’s in a fish market.

I would recommend a visit to the Sydney Fish Market if you’re visiting and enjoy seafood. It’s quite crowded and hard to get a table but turnover is pretty fast. Also there are tons of seagulls if you sit outside. Lastly, make sure you come earlier as the market starts selling out around 2pm!

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