Mamak is a popular Malaysian eatery located in Chinatown. They always have line ups outside! I didn’t get to try them on my last visit to Sydney so this time we came early to line up. The turnover rate is pretty fast though so the wait isn’t too bad.


While you wait, you can watch the chefs make roti through the window. I knew we had to order some! Mamak-Sydney

The roti dough is stretched out and then folded up into a square and grilled. Mamak-Sydney

Mamak serves savoury roti as well as sweet roti. We went with the Roti Canai which is the original roti served with 2 curry dips and spicy sambal sauce. Mmm it was super flaky and buttery as expected! I could’ve used more of this!


Next we had the Kari Kambing which is a spicy lamb curry. We thought this was alright but the curry seemed too thin for our liking. Also, it doesn’t come with rice so you’ll have to order it separately. Mamak-Sydney

We needed some carbs so we had the Nasi Goreng which is Malaysian style fried rice. It had good “wok hay” and the savoury flavours were addicting. Mamak-Sydney

We ordered half a dozen Chicken Satays with peanut sauce and these were really well done! The chicken was very moist and well seasoned.


This was my first time trying Rojak, which is a Malaysian style salad with prawn and coconut fritters, fried tofu, half a hard boiled egg, freshly shredded yambean and cucumber topped with a thick spicy peanut sauce. It comes with all the ingredients piled up nicely but you’ll need to disassemble it to get some of everything. This was not really what I was expecting for a salad but all the individual components were interesting and I really liked the peanut sauce which was sweet to me.Mamak-Sydney

Lastly it was time for dessert! We decided we needed more roti in our lives so we had the Roti Kaya (which is a spread of pandan and coconut) with vanilla ice cream. The roti was just as flaky as the savoury version but this time the inside was filled with the sweet kaya spread and boy was it delicious! Mamak-Sydney

The other dessert we had was the Iced Cendol. This was my first time having it! It’s made with coconut milk, palm sugar syrup and cendol which is the green rice flour jelly. It’s very jiggly and looks a bit like a worm. The concoction was quite sweet so it’s best if you share!

I’m glad I tried some new Malaysian dishes at Mamak and the line up was worth it!

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