Snackshot-My First Taste of Ube Sago

Snackshot is a new HK style dessert shop in the Marpole area. I still remember when this location was Bubble World back when I was in high school! It’s located next to Qoo Cafe on Granville and 64th. The outside doesn’t look that inviting but the decor inside is on point.


I don’t normally gravitate towards Asian desserts (I’m more into cakes and pastries) but I was interested in trying their dessert platter and the Vitasoy Bulldog drink. Also, it took me 20+ years before I could accept red bean as a dessert.


Snackshot opens at 3pm and we had heard that they get busy in the evening so we came at 4pm to have dessert before dinner.

The Vitasoy Bulldog was all over Instagram and of course we had to get one. I’m not even sure if I’ve had Vitasoy before by itself but essentially it’s like sweetened soy milk.Β After seeing many complaints online about the drink falling over, the server will now ask if you need a photo and after you’re done with photos they’ll pour the rest of the drink in and take away the bottle. The drink is not that sweet and there is a ton of red bean at the bottom! It would be really filling if you ate it all by yourself.Β Snackshot

They had a few sago (or tapioca) options on the menu so we ordered the Ube Sago with coconut milk, ube ice cream and ube taro balls. Ube is purple yam and I haven’t had any ube desserts before so I wanted to try it. You can get this hot or cold and since it was a hot summer day, we had it cold. The minion container in the back is for holding tissues. That minions face is also my reaction when I tasted this dessert!

My scooping skills need work…This was a very refreshing dessert and it was actually a really big bowl full of mochi and ice cream and ube! The ube was mildly grainy in texture and it comes in a lump which you will need to break up.Β Snackshot

The ube taro balls was unusually chewy and in a GOOD WAY. It also came in cute shapes like stars and hearts! This was my favourite part of the dessert. There are also options to get this without the ube ice cream and without the ube taro balls but why would you do that?! My only potential complaint would be that there’s more liquid to sago in here compared to when I usually eat this at a restaurant but the other ingredients make up for it. I will be trying more ube desserts in the future!Β Snackshot

Lastly we had to order the Dessert Platter which comes with 9 different desserts. It may look small in the photo but each portion was fairly substantial and with all the other desserts we ordered, we were unable to finish everything between 5 people. The platter by itself is supposed to serve 2-3 people according to the menu.

First row: green bean soup, red bean soup, cashew paste

Second row: red date and longan soup, tofu pudding, black sesame paste

Third row: walnut paste, black glutinous rice, almond paste

I thoroughly enjoyed each dessert and my usual favourites were the black sesame paste and black glutinous rice dessert. I’ve never tried any of the nut pastes before and I really enjoyed the cashew and walnut pastes! They were so smooth in texture and the nutty taste wasn’t overpowering (I’m not crazy about nuts) and it wasn’t overly thick. I just never thought I’d like them so much! The tofu pudding was bear-y cute and very tasty as well!

Since we shared everything between 5 people, we ended up paying about $10 each which is pretty good for all the things that we tried. I’m glad there’s another dessert option in this neighbourhood! Keep the desserts coming Snackshot!

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