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Thai food for lunch is super cheap in Sydney! In Vancouver, I would say HK style cafes and Taiwanese cafes are considered inexpensive and there it’s Thai food. Newtown Thai is situated in the Newtown suburb and it’s very close to the University of Sydney as well.

Newtown Thai

Newtown Thai offers most of their lunch dishes for around $8-10 each and if you get a combo for $12, you also get a can of pop and a small appetizer/side dish as well.

Pictured above we have the Pad See Ew which is stir fried thick flat rice noodles with egg and Chinese broccoli. You also have a choice of protein for this and some proteins cost more than others such as seafood. Flavour wise it was pretty good but a little heavy on the soy sauce. Portion wise, for some reason it was smaller than the Pad Thai I had below.
Newtown ThaiThe Pad Thai was delicious and came with eggs, bean sprouts and tofu. The tamarind sauce was not too sweet and the portion was very generous for $8. My beef was also not overcooked! We ordered Sprite and they gave us Schweppes Lemonade which tasted exactly like Sprite!
Newtown Thai

The appetizer that came with the combo was a veggie spring roll and a curry puff pastry with a side of Thai sweet chili dipping sauce. Newtown Thai

Since we were staying close by, we actually came back again for lunch! This time I had the Green Curry which was served on a plate for some reason instead of a bowl. I enjoyed the savoury flavours but I thought it could’ve been a bit thicker. The veggies soaked up the flavours really well and it was a hearty meal.
Newtown Thai

This was their House Noodle which is stir fried thick flat rice noodles with a peanut sauce. I was really craving the peanut sauce and it delivered on flavour! Unfortunately the noodles were overcooked so they were a bit too softy and soggy.

Okay so Newtown Thai isn’t perfect but for the price I really can’t complain! I would probably come back again.

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