Yuu Japanese Tapas

The last time I was at Yuu Japanese Tapas was quite a few years ago. I took my parents here for dinner to check out their “new” location as they had expanded into another larger storefront but still in Continental Square.

Yuu Japanese Tapas

My dad had the Chicken Cutlet Rice with Egg and OnionΒ which came with miso soup and a small tray of side dishes including Japanese pickle, edamame and marinated bean sprouts. The chicken was very tender but I thought the sauce could’ve been stronger? It wasn’t very flavourful to me. They were very generous with the portion of rice here.Β  Yuu Japanese Tapas

My mom had the Ramen in Savoury Tomato Soup with Panfried Boneless Chicken. Not really a fan of tomato soup for ramen so I won’t comment on it but I thought the chicken could’ve used more seasoning.Β Yuu Japanese Tapas

For myself, I had the Hot Stone Pot Beef with Corn and Cheese. There was a mountain of cheese on top of the rice and it melted as you mixed it all up. It created a delicious aroma as it sizzled together. There was also a very generous portion of rice here and if you eat a lot, you’ll be full for sure. I had to pack up half of it to go and ate it for lunch the next day. With so much rice the beef gets lost but the cheesy flavour makes up for it. The miso soup taste pretty weak but then again it’s not an authentic Japanese restaurant.

I feel like the dishes at Yuu Japanese Tapas have potential and they certainly sound good on the menu but they just fell short of my expectations. However, the prices are low and I like that the restaurant is spacious so it’d be a nice place to hang out. I wouldn’t mind trying some of the other dishes here. They also have a nice selection of desserts too.

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