Double Double Restaurant-Chinese Donuts

I must admit that I don’t eat a lot of Chinese donut. Not that I don’t like it but my family was never really into it but I’ve had it a few more times lately and I’m digging it. I’ve come across Double Double Restaurant before on Instagram but I never really knew where it was. While looking for some Sunday family lunch options, I decided to figure out where it was and go.

Double Double RestaurantDouble Double Restaurant is located in the plaza next to Parker Place (not the Aberdeen side, the other side). We went around 1pm and got a table right away as a lot of people were leaving at that time. The turnover rate is pretty fast.

We had to get their Chinese Donuts wrapped in rice rolls! This was $5.50 which I thought was pretty good for the portion size (2 donut rolls). Not that I really know how much it normally costs since I don’t order it much but I’m pretty sure I will be eating it more now! If you order one donut it’s $3.95 so two is a better deal! The donut was crisp yet chewy in the middle. It comes with the usual hoisin sauce and peanut dipping sauce on the side.

Double Double Restaurant

The Beef Ball Noodle Soup was a smaller portion and came with a few veggies and seaweed in a light broth. It was a really basic noodle soup. Double Double Restaurant

We also had the Beef Brisket and Beef Tendon Lo Mein. This came with the same thin noodles as the soup above with the same veggies and a bit of broth on the side. The beef brisket with tender and on the fattier side. There was a bit of soy sauce? on the bottom but I think it needed more sauce or I was expecting more at least.
Double Double Restaurant

Lastly we also had Shrimp Rice Rolls. These were really good and had large pieces of bouncy shrimp inside! It was pretty much dim sum quality to me. I ain’t picky though since I love rice rolls either way! Especially the kind fried with soy sauce!

Double Double was a good spot for cheap eats in Richmond. We had all this for about $28. I’ve heard the service is awful but nothing bad happened on my visit. Their menu is pretty extensive and food came fast.

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