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Meet Fresh is a Taiwanese dessert chain that opened this year in Richmond and they also have a location downtown on Robson now. This is the culmination of two visits. Once you have ordered at the counter, you will be given a device that will vibrate when your order is ready to be picked up at the counter. They get pretty busy at night but service is pretty fast since everything just needs to be assembled.

Meet Fresh

This is the Signature Herbal Jelly that you’ve probably seen all over Instagram. I was about to find out why it was so popular. We had the herbal jelly served cold with pumpkin and taro mochi balls over a bed of crushed ice mixed with brown sugar. It also comes with a small container of cream to pour over the herbal jelly.

Meet Fresh

Damn I was not expecting it to be so good since I’m actually not a huge fan of herbal jelly or grass jelly. The smooth jiggly texture of the herbal jelly was refreshing mixed with the sweetened ice underneath. It doesn’t look like a big bowl but it was deeper than I expected. Still on the pricey side though for dessert but I’m glad I finally tried it! I could definitely eat this all by myself since it feels pretty light.

Meet Fresh

For my first visit, they thought we were doing a take out order hence the take out containers. Not very photogenic but that’s ok because it tasted great! This was the Almond Soup with almond slivers, taro and taro mochi. This was served warm and I liked it more than expected as well. Yes I’m also not a huge fan of almond soup. Am I white-washed? I just didn’t grow up eating it often but I enjoyed this version as it was very smooth and not too thick or grainy and didn’t taste artificial!

Meet Fresh

Lastly we also had the Mung Bean Pastries¬†with a black sesame and peanut mochi ball on the side. I can’t really comment since I have not eaten many mung bean pastries in my life (you’ve probably realized by now that I’m not an expert in Chinese desserts…), but the paste inside was pretty smooth and the mochi balls were nice and chewy. They seem to do mochi really well here!

The signature herbal jelly at Meet Fresh did not disappoint. Some of the other desserts sound delicious as well although I’m not sure how I feel about peanuts and barley in my dessert?

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