Da Jian Chen-Chinese Breakfast Crepe

Da Jian Chen serves up a popular Chinese breakfast street food that is essentially a crepe or pancake with various fillings. I’m not actually sure if I’ve had this before, maybe once at the Richmond Night Market back in Canada? I’ve only been to China twice so I’ve never had it there. It looked delicious though so I was definitely going to give it a go. Da Jian Chen is located on Golburn Street just off George Street.

Da Jian ChenThey have various crepes to choose from and I went with the Traditional one which was the most basic and cheapest option. The filling consisted of egg, crispy wonton strips and sausage. The server will ask you if you want cilantro, scallion and chilli sauce in your crepe. I said yes to all 3. Each crepe is freshly made right before your eyes. The egg is cracked on top of the crepe and cooked into the batter and then the other ingredients are layered on top. There is also some Hoisin sauce to coat the crepe.

Other filling options include meat sauce, BBQ beef, fried pork chop, cheese and kimchi etc. Da Jian Chen

The crepe is piping hot and I had a hard time holding it up for the photo so I had to wait a bit. It’s actually quite a good portion and I imagine with the more meatier options you will definitely be full. There was only one small piece of sausage here so don’t expect much. The eggy crepe was pretty soft and I’m glad it had chilli sauce because it gave it a good kick. The texture does get a bit gummy as it cools down but I didn’t mind as the flavours were good. It’s almost like a Chinese burrito.

In addition to serving Chinese crepes, Da Jian Chen also serves bubble waffles (or eggettes as they call them) with ice cream! FYI it’s takeaway only.

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