Destination Roll

I still remember the first time I ever had a banh mi sandwich. My aunt picked up my brother and I from Chinese school on Saturday (who else went to Chinese school?!) and then we went for lunch. She introduced us to banh mi sandwiches and I was sold because I loved how there were pickled vegetables! I don’t eat them often though and sometimes I find the baguette to be on the harder and scratchier side but they are cheap as far as sandwiches go. In Australia, they usually call them “pork rolls” instead of banh mi probably so that they will appeal to more people. Destination Roll has a location close to my office near Wynyard station and they always have a line up during lunch hours.

Destination Roll

They have a couple of different protein options like steak, bbq pork and chicken. I had to get the Crispy Pork Roll because I love crispy pork! Or basically “siu yook”. Service here is super fast and they make your sandwich to order. They will also ask you if you would like chilli added to your roll. I said yes and it does give it a big kick so beware!Destination Roll

The ingredients tasted fresh and it was a huge roll! Destination Roll doesn’t skimp on the crispy pork either. The best part was that the bread was so soft in the middle, not hard on the outside yet still crisp ! It was probably the best bread I’ve ever had for a banh mi. I was so full after this and I can’t believe I finished it. I was stuffed for the rest of the day! It’s a great cheap lunch option. Gotta try more pork rolls here now.

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