Pak Hailam Kopitiam-Malaysian Food in Parramatta

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from along Church Street in Parramatta but I was craving some Malaysian food and came across Pak Hailam Kopitiam. It was located just before Parramatta river. It was also Easter Friday so the place was dead. We were the only people there at 6:30pm which is prime dinner time.

On a side note, it seems like Australia is really big on Easter as well as hot cross buns. I’ve never seen so many hot cross bun related food items before. So far I’ve seen hot cross bun flavoured chocolates, hot cross bun French toast, hot cross bun ice cream, hot cross bun donuts as well as hot cross buns in different flavours like milk chocolate and apple with cinnamon! I barely noticed any hot cross buns in Vancouver except around Easter but here they started selling them in January already. I actually started buying them because they were pretty cheap at the grocery stores and I’m a girl on a budget. Turns out they were pretty good since they were light and fluffy as well as sweet.  Sorry for the long digression but onwards to the food ->

Pak Hailam Kopitiam

The menu here is simple but has all that you’d be looking for at a Malaysian restaurant. I haven’t had Char Kway Teow in a while so I went with that. You can choose a protein option like beef, chicken or seafood but I went with the vegetarian option. Usually it just comes with flat rice noodles but I was surprised that it had chow mein noodles (I think that’s what they are) as well! I don’t eat this often but I don’t think this is normal? Having two types of noodles in the dish gave it a slightly different texture than usual which was great. It also had great flavour from the wok and I feel like this is one of the best versions I’ve had in a while. The veggies included bean sprouts, green onion, onion and a few random pieces of green bean. Pak Hailam Kopitiam

This was some sort of Sambal dish and you can choose from chicken, fish or shrimp as your protein. We went with fish. I love the sambal flavours and spices along with the bits of dried shrimp in the sauce. There was also a good amount of veggies like carrots, red onion and green onion. We had to order rice separately though as it doesn’t come with any.

Portion sizes and flavours were great here! Prices were reasonable and the restaurant was very spacious. I wouldn’t mind coming back if I’m in the area.

What did you think?