Milky Lane-Parramatta

Milky Lane is a super funky burger shop and they have a new location in Parramatta now. I was never a huge burger person because I just feel they’re very messy to eat but I’ve noticed there are a lot of great looking burger places in Sydney so I wanted to try more burgers lately. The location is spacious and they have a few arcade machines on the side too. I went after watching Ocean’s 8 and they even had a live DJ that night!

Rihanna is watching you

We started off with some Sweet Potato Fries with Coconut Aioli. This came in a large basket and considering it was almost $10, I’m glad it was a good size. I think the fries themselves could’ve been seasoned a bit better but the aioli was nice. Couldn’t tell there was coconut in it though. 

I had the Chic-Kanye Burger which had crispy southern fried chicken, maple smoked bacon, American high melt cheese, carolina slaw, lettuce, bbq sauce, habanero aioli & pineapple relish. I was impressed with how big that piece of fried chicken was! It was so crispy and tender! Also, bacon with anything makes it better right? I thought there was a bit too much sauce though as the chicken kept sliding out and I ended up having to eat it with a fork and knife. This happens to me all the time though… Flavours were great although the sauces may have made the burger a little on the sweet side but I didn’t mind too much.

We also had the Kevin Bacon (left) which had double Waygu beef pattie, double smoked maple bacon, double cheese, bbq sauce, mustard, ML special sauce, caramelised onions & pickles. Basically double everything! It was also very saucy and I think I mostly tasted the bbq sauce. Our burgers did take quite a while to come after we received the sweet potato fries so timing wasn’t the best.

Prices are on the high end at Milky Lane as burgers don’t come with fries but I think most people would come here for the atmosphere. They also have some exciting looking cocktails and desserts (deep fried Golden Gaytime?) as well. The music was pretty loud so it was difficult to talk but otherwise it’s a fun place to hang out. Also be warned that there’s a 10% surcharge on Sundays and holidays. Learned this the hard way as I went on a Sunday.

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