A Happy Pancake-Japanese Souffle Pancakes

This past year I’ve seen a few trending videos of Japanese souffle pancakes so I put that one my bucket list for my Japan trip. After doing some research, the place I found was called A Happy Pancake. This pancake specialty restaurant originated from Osaka but they now have a few locations in Tokyo as well. The one I went to was in Ginza, not too far from Ginza station. It was slightly tricky to find as the entrance to the building is in an alley way but they have a small sign located outside. On another note, I also noticed that elevators in Japan seem to be smaller.
A Happy Pancake

My friend and I came around 4pm and there was only one group waiting ahead of us. I was quite ecstatic as I hate lining up! It was actually a spontaneous visit so we got lucky with the timing. The cafe looks really new and you can watch them make the pancakes while you wait. A Happy Pancake offers a few sweet pancake options as well as some savoury ones as well. There is a disclaimer on the menu stating that the pancakes are different from normal pancakes and will take about 20 minutes to make. The menu is also available in English.
A Happy Pancake

We ordered the Chocolate Banana Pancakes (JPY 1200) to share since we wanted to save room for dinner. The chocolate sauce is served on the side so you can use as much or as little as you want. Each serving comes with three pancakes.ย A Happy Pancake The pancakes were moist, soft and fluffy. Exactly as I had pictured in my head and probably how everyone else would describe them. The chocolate sauce was more of a dark chocolate and the quality of the chocolate tasted really good. My friend who is not that keen on chocolate thought the chocolate was really good too. These pancakes were so delicious I wished we weren’t sharing! Since they are so light, they were easy to eat without being too filling. They’re also not that sweet either. I’m really glad I tried Japanese souffle pancakes and avoided the line up! They do have an online reservation system so if you are planning a visit you can try that.

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