Gindaco-Takoyaki Chain in Japan

I recently went to Japan for the first time! I swear every week someone I follow on Instagram goes to Japan so finally it was my turn. I started my trip in Tokyo and I didn’t actually plan a lot of places to eat but everything we had was delicious! I did watch a ton of Youtube videos on Japan though and learned a few things. For example, did you know it is rude to walk and eat at the same time? They prefer you stand to the side and eat outside or eat at a designated seating area. Also, there are very few garbage cans around! I’m assuming because people aren’t walking around and eating there is less trash created or they just take it home and throw it out later. Gindaco Japan

One place I did hear about was Gindaco which is a chain restaurant specializing in takoyaki, grilled balls filled with octopus. I spotted a Gindaco when I was in the Roppongi area and decided to try it. They offer a few variations of takoyaki with different fillings or toppings but we just went with the classic one which was also the cheapest option at 580 yen.   Gindaco Japan

These are made fresh to order. There are actually 8 pieces in a serving and I think back in Vancouver there are usually just 6? The mayo and takoyaki sauce are provided on the side so you can add as much or as little as you want. That also explains why it looks a bit messy! We just squeezed everything on. Also these were the biggest takoyaki I have ever seen! Each piece was nicely grilled and there was a generous piece of octopus in each one. We were hoping to go to Osaka for takoyaki but had to cancel those plans as a big typhoon hit Osaka that week and we thought it might not be safe to go. In case you didn’t hear, the airport flooded, electricity went out and it was the biggest typhoon in 25 years!

Look out for a few more posts on Japanese food in the near future!

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