Bay Vista-Desserts Galore

After watching a movie at Westfield Parramatta, we went to Bay Vista for some dessert. This place was super busy on a Saturday night and there was loud music playing. You get a seat and then once you’re ready, you order at the counter. You can also help yourself to water there as well. The menu is very extensive covering everything from cakes, pancakes, waffles, crepes, ice cream and drinks.

Bay Vista Parramatta

We decided to get the Cool Ibiza ice cream bowl with mango, passionfruit and vanilla ice cream, peaches, pineapple, whipped cream, passionfruit sauce and yogurt chips. Bay Vista Parramatta

This thing was enormous!!! I also realized that it was definitely not worth the money because all they did was scoop ice cream into a giant bowl. We should’ve ordered something like crepes or waffles that actually took time and skill to make. The ice cream tasted fine but wasn’t anything special. They were also very generous with the whipped cream and probably could’ve given us more fruits since we paid $23.50 for this!!!

Bay Vista would be a good place to hang out at night after dinner but be prepared to pay a premium for dessert.

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