Mister Donut-Mochi Donuts

Mister Donut is a popular donut chain in Japan and I’ve seen many people post about the popular “pon de ring” donut from Mister Donut and I knew I had to try it since I’m a fan of donuts. What makes this donut special? The texture is chewy and similar to eating mochi! If you like mochi, I recommend you try this too!

Mister Donut

The location I went to was in Akihabara but they have over 1100 stores across Japan. For some reason I can’t take their logo font seriously. Mister Donut

The interior reminded me of Tim Hortons! The donuts were almost equally cheap as well and they had quite a big variety! You can find your usual favourites here like old fashioned donuts, original glazed donuts, jam filled donuts and honey cruellers. Mister Donut

The only mochi donut they had was the original or the strawberry flavoured so we got the strawberry one. I think they change flavours seasonally. The other donut we shared was a chocolate cake donut covered in a crumbly topping. Both were delicious! The strawberry mochi donut did not disappoint. It was so light and easy to eat. I could definitely have eaten a few of them. I really enjoyed the texture and I hope someone in Vancouver makes them soon! After some Googling, I found out Mister Donut was actually a chain that was founded in the USA in 1956! They no longer have any US locations though.

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