Boon Cafe-Pandan Desserts and Thai Food in a Grocery Store

Boon Cafe is part of the Chat Thai group and you may walk past this cafe without knowing it since it’s situated inside a grocery store. The grocery store offers some cooked items that are ready for takeaway. Unlike other cafes, Boon Cafe is also open for dinner so you can come for breakfast, lunch and dinner! In addition to Thai food, they also serve snacks, drinks and pastries (more on the Pandan desserts later!).

Boon Cafe

I was trying to order something different than the usual pad thai so I decided to go with the Padt Mee Kha-Ti which was stir fried thin rice noodles with tamarind, tofu, coconut milk, garlic chives and shredded omelette. I was surprised that the noodles were so pink! I was also expecting thicker rice noodles similar to pad thai noodles but these were really thin and more like vermicelli noodles. Portion was also on the smaller side and the flavour just tasted alright. Should’ve stuck with the pad thai!

Boon Cafe

We decided that we wanted to try all their Pandan desserts though! First up was the Pandan Chiffon Cake. This was a large slice of cake but it was so light and soft! It just jiggled as the server brought it over! The icing on the outside is covered in coconut flakes to accentuate the coconut flavour from the pandan. It wasn’t too sweet either and I would have no problem eating it all myself.
Boon Cafe

Next was my personal favourite, the Pandan Croissant! I love croissants and this was served toasted and warm with a generous thick spread of Pandan and condensed milk. Highly recommend this one! Boon Cafe

Lastly we tried the Pandan Toast. This came as a toast stack with some skewers on the side to pick up the toast cubes. After trying the Pandan croissant, this wasn’t as amazing since it was literally just some soft, toasted white bread with the same Pandan and condensed milk spread. It was still very tasty though! There are many ways to enjoy Pandan at Boon Cafe!

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