Ganzosushi-Conveyor Belt Sushi in Akihabara

Sushi is my weakness and it’s really hard to say no to sushi. So when in Japan, you gotta get some conveyor belt sushi or kaitenzushi as it is called. They are so common in Japan I wish we had some back in Vancouver again! There was a time back in the day when we had them if anyone remembers… Also, it is very common in Sydney as well. While we were in Akihabara, we decided to Google a conveyor belt sushi restaurant and found Ganzosushi located close to Akihabara station. It was small restaurant where you seat yourself at the counter and most of the other diners seemed to be dining solo. This meant it was pretty quiet so it was just my friends and I chatting.


We didn’t actually know too much about the prices of each dish but there were a few signs that showed some of the prices of certain items so we guessed that most things were around that price or 125yen-250 yen. Ganzosushi had a lot of good reviews on Yelp so that’s how we found them. Ganzosushi-Akihabara

There wasn’t a huge variety here but everything tasted good! At each seat, there is a small jar of matcha powder so you can make your own tea and there is a hot water dispenser built into the counter as well. This is so convenient! You can have as much as you want without having to bother the server. You can also help yourself to utensils and soy sauce which is distributed by pushing the top so only a few drops come out at at time and you don’t waste product. 

An interesting item they had was Duck Breast with mayo. It was salty and actually tasted good with the mayo.Ganzosushi-Akihabara

Aburi Salmon and Salmon with Mayo. I just love staring at all the sushi as it comes around on the conveyor belt. What should I eat next?!Grocery Store Sushi in Japan

Lastly, I just wanted to note that even grocery store sushi tasted good! If you go in the evening, usually items will be marked down so that they can get rid of them. I wish sushi was this cheap and good in Vancouver.

What did you think?