Papa Do’s Chicken-Vietnamese Fusion Fried Chicken

I came across Papa Do’s Chicken on Zomato while I was browsing and noticed it was located in Cabramatta. I don’t usually go out that way so I thought it’d be a good excuse to go there and check it out. Papa Do’s is located in Dutton Lane Plaza and the restaurant was larger than I expected and very spacious. The front of the restaurant was opened up so you could people watch easily. 

Our server was super friendly and helpful! She gave us a rundown of the whole menu since it was our first time there. We went during lunch and they had some interesting looking dinner items that were not available at that time. In addition to fried chicken, they also serve brunch items like Chicken and Waffles, noodle dishes, smoothies and desserts. 

We started off with some complimentary Shrimp Crackers. Complimentary anything is a good sign and I haven’t had shrimp crackers in ages! These tasted freshly made and crunchy. Papa Do's Chicken

For the fried chicken, you can choose from wings, thighs, drumsticks or diced boneless chicken and they all come with side dishes. The side dishes were like Korean banchan but didn’t taste as good because the marinating/pickled flavours were not quite there but they were suppose to act as palate cleansers for the fried chicken. There was also a piece of cornbread with maple syrup. The cornbread reminded me to Southern USA flavours and the maple syrup is Canadian so there was a variety of influences here if you look at it that way. The cornbread was on the dry side though but the maple syrup helped moisten it up again.
Papa Do's Chicken

The Chicken Thighs were huge! We were not expecting them to be that big. We were wondering why it cost $14 but now we know. It ain’t KFC sized. You can choose a sauce to go with your chicken and we picked the Sticky Fish Sauce which was fermented fish sauce flavoured with with pickled chillies, garlic and vinegar. You can also choose to have the sauce poured over the chicken already or have it served on the side so you can moderate the flavours yourself. We had it served on the side so the batter would still be crispy.

The batter was not what I was expecting (not like Korean fried chicken or KFC) but had a good crunch to it and was well seasoned. Each piece was moist and juicy! There was also a piece of white bread underneath the chicken and I wasn’t sure what it was for but maybe it was to soak up the juices?
Papa Do's Chicken

We also ordered the Bao Combo where you can choose 2 baos for $13 and it comes with chips as well. We picked the Papa Do’s Original which was served with Vietnamese slaw and guacamole. I thought the guacamole was an interesting condiment for the bao. The buns themselves were quite large with a fluffy interior but still firm enough to hold up the fillings. The only issue was that this was super messy to eat and the slaw seemed to have a lot of liquid in it since the bottom of the bun was really wet but it still wasn’t soggy? Papa Do's Chicken

The Braised Pork Belly Bao was topped with shallots and coriander and it was so tender and just fell apart in your mouth. This was also a saucy wet bao. This was a lot of food already! Papa Do's Chicken

Lastly the Chips that came with the baos were delicious! It was a large portion as well and I can’t imagine eating all that for lunch so it was a great deal. They seem to have used the same seasoning for the chicken as the chips and they were very well seasoned. Maybe a little too much seasoning in this case as it did get a bit salty after a while but they were really addictive too. It would’ve been good to serve this with a side of ketchup or mayo as well.

If you’re in Cabramatta and crave fried chicken, give Papa Do’s a try! My boyfriend has been craving fried chicken since we went to this place and he’s not normally a fried chicken person (shocking right?)!

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