Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus hails from Toronto and their Metrotown location is their first in BC. There was a lot of hype when they first opened in Toronto and they have since expanded across Ontario and into Alberta and now BC. Their Metrotown store is located near Superstore. Sweet Jesus is known for their soft serve cones that are smothered in a variety of toppings. With names like Rocky Road Rage and Hella Nutella, there will be something for your sweet tooth here. I came last month when they were doing a buy one get one 50% off deal.

Luckily they have a digital menu board that shows what all their soft serve creations look like. The store doesn’t offer any seating though so you’ll have to take your ice cream to go. The soft serve comes in either a kids size or a regular size. After reading some reviews, the kids size seems to be fairly large and should be sufficient for the average person. Surprisingly enough, there was no line up despite the promotion they were running.

Cookies Cookies Cookies & Cream

I decided on the Cookies Cookies Cookies and Cream which comes with vanilla soft serve, Oreo cookies, chocolate chip cookies, Fudgee-O cookies, and cookie dough chunks. For a kids size, it was way bigger than I expected! If you’re not hungry, this can be shared between 2 people.

The soft serve had a nice thick texture and creamy consistency. I could tell they used good quality milk here. The toppings just tasted like a blend of chocolatey crumbs/dust so I wish there were actual larger cookie bits in it but I know they’d fall off easily. The crumbs did adhere to the soft serve for quite a while before they started falling off. Or I was just strategically and successfully eating my way around it to prevent making a mess.

Bounty Killah

My friend had the Bounty Killah which was the only vegan option on the menu. This had coconut soft serve, shredded toasted coconut and dark chocolate sauce drizzled over it. If you get a cone they give you a little holder that can catch the crumbs as they fall off! The texture of the coconut soft serve was more like a sorbet since I assume it’s because they didn’t use milk so it wasn’t creamy. It was more icy and you kinda had to bite through it. I think I like the toppings on this more than the cookie crumbs I had though.

Sweet Jesus is a fun place to get ice cream and a nice addition to the Metrotown area but I think I still have a personal preference for churned flavoured ice cream like Earnest. Not really sure what normal ice cream is called but you know what I mean! Also my fear of getting melted ice cream and crumbly bits all over me may prevent future visits but I wouldn’t be opposed to going again.

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