Elephant Garden Creamery-New Fave Ice Cream Spot!

I love ice cream so when I heard about this new ice cream spot with amazing Asian flavours like HK Milk Tea I knew I had to check it out. Elephant Garden Creamery is located on Commercial and 4th which is a little bit out of the way for me but trust me, it was worth it.

We came around 6pm and it was pretty busy but luckily some people left as we were trying to figure out what to order. The store isn’t that big and seats about 20 people. Another reason this place is so popular is due to their (insta-famous?) Salted Cheese Boba Tea Toast.

Keep in mind this toast is only available Friday, Saturday and Sunday after 1:30pm.

We decided to share an Ice Cream Flight because it seemed like a great deal. You get to choose 4 flavours for $12! The scoops are a pretty good size and you get to try a few different flavours. We decided on Mango Coconut Sticky Rice, HK Milk Tea, Earl Grey Lavender and Matcha Honeycomb Nugget.

This is the part where I rave about it: OMG IT WAS SO GOOD!!! Every flavour was on point and tasted really strong. I must say I think it’s on par with Earnest Ice Cream and I’m a die hard Earnest fan! They were all so good I had a hard time picking a favourite but I might have to go with the HK Milk Tea and the Earl Grey Lavender but let’s be honest, they would probably be my favourites anywhere…

The matcha honeycomb nugget had a good matcha flavour with a underlying sweetness from the honeycomb although I only found one small honeycomb nugget. Also after reading my friend’s blog, Curiously Carmen, it turns out the mango coconut sticky rice is vegan?! I was too busy stuffing my face to notice. The ice cream was really smooth with a mango syrup incorporated into it. I don’t think there’s anything to complain about here! So glad I finally made it here.

I was really excited for the Salted Cheese Boba Tea Toast as well since that’s what put Elephant Garden Creamery on my radar. In fact I wasn’t sure if I/we had room for a flight of ice cream AND the toast so we didn’t order it right away but after having the ice cream flight I couldn’t help myself and ordered the toast as well. The server told us it would take 10-15 minutes but I think it came out quite quickly.

They use the Maple Cream Loaf from Kanadell bakery for their toast and then add the salted cheese, fresh pearls and an ice cream of your choice and garnish it with whipped cream on the side and crushed biscuits. I love salted cheese bubble tea (especially from Happy Lemon) and I was super excited for this. We chose the Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream for this since we had already had the HK Milk Tea flavour in our flight. I think most people get it with the HK Milk Tea since it just makes sense but unfortunately we didn’t plan this ahead.

The toast was sweet and fluffy and the pearls were very soft but I really didn’t get much of the salted cheese flavour here which was disappointing. So really it was just toast with ice cream for $12… I also found the blueberry cheesecake to be more tangy and out of the 5 flavours I tried it would be my least favourite. Not that it’s bad though. For $12 I recommend you stick with the ice cream flight since it’s the same price.

I’m really glad I finally tried Elephant Garden Creamery and I will be back! I can imagine this place being really busy in the summer and I can’t wait to see what other flavours they come up with.

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