Castella Cheesecake

When I lived in Sydney last year, they had quite a few places that served cheese tarts (Uncle Tetsu, Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts, Pablos) and of course I tried them since we didn’t have them in Vancouver before. Castella Cheesecake opened up last year and I finally remembered to pay them a visit. They’re located on Robson and Bute next to Happy Lemon.

I went in the afternoon and it was pretty quiet in there. Hopefully they get more business at night. They serve two types of cheese tarts, a “More Baked” version which is more first and creamy inside and a “Less Baked” version for that soft and gooey texture. I went with the “Less Baked” version this time.

They have some decorations on shelves along the wall which I took advantage of for photos.

The Cheese Tart was served warm and the texture was soft with a mild cheesy flavour to it. It wasn’t too soft so that it was oozing out though which is not a bad thing depending on how you like your cheese tarts. The tart shell was buttery but still firm enough and felt very similar to an egg tart shell.

In addition to cheesecakes and cheese tarts, Castella Cheesecake also served creme brulee! The only other place I know of that serves creme brulee is Crackle Creme so I was glad to see we have other options now. The flavours they have are: Original, Earl Grey, Matcha, Mango and Salted Caramel. These are flavours you can’t go wrong with usually so I picked the Earl Grey this time.

The texture of the creme brulee was a little thicker than I had imagined but I didn’t mind it. However, there really wasn’t much Earl Grey flavour to be found. I tried really hard to taste it but it wasn’t quite there or super mild. Maybe I should’ve went for the Salted Caramel or Matcha instead?

Pricing here was reasonable and I can see it as a nice place to hang out after dinner. Time to try Bake 49 next! Also I hope Uncle Tetsu starts selling cheese tarts here too.

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