Royal Seoul House-Korean BBQ

My friends and I had originally planned to go to Gyu-Kaku but they can’t do groups of more than 10 people so our back up plan was to go to Royal Seoul House. Royal Seoul House has been around since 1990 but I guess they’ve been in business for this long for a reason! Also there aren’t any other Korean BBQ places nearby either.

We got the BBQ Combo B to share and it states that it’s good for 2 people. This included marinated beef short ribs, marinated beef, marinated chicken, and spicy pork for $54. I rarely have Korean BBQ so I can’t really compare the price and quality but it was all tasty to me! I love how they give you scissors to cut the meat.

They call this dish “New Style Korean BBQ” here but it’s the same hot plate concept that has become popular in the last few years. We choose Spicy Chicken for ours and it came mixed with a variety of veggies as well as a few pieces of rice cake. On the side we had egg, pumpkin porridge, corn and of course, cheese. I really liked the spicy sauce they used here and found it very addicting! It’s quite a large portion and can feed at least 3 people. This was $44.

Another staple that I love is the Japchae. This version was pretty good with a variety of different veggies mixed with chewy glass noodles.

Lastly we can’t forget about the Spicy Rice Cakes! Unfortunately we found them to be undercooked and therefore a little too chewy. They were also very thick cut here but flavour wise it wasn’t too spicy.

We found the ventilation here to be very poor because it smelled strongly of smoke! Beware that you could smell like BBQ after. I liked that there was a bell on every table so you can use it whenever you need something.

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