Weekend Tea: For the Fruit Tea Lovers

Disclosure: Media Tasting

Weekend Tea is one of the newer bubble tea shops to open recently and they are located in Burnaby, close to Metrotown. They specialize in fruit teas made with real fruit.

The interior is bright and upon entering the store, your eyes will be drawn to a wall with their logo surrounded by fake leafy greens. This is how you get millenials to come to your store! Just make it Instagram friendly!

One thing to note about Weekend Tea is that you don’t get the option of customizing the sweetness or ice levels in your drink. They offer a range of different fruit teas like pineapple passionfruit, grapefruit and even golden kiwi. You can also add cheese foam to a few of the fruit teas as well. We were given the option to pick whatever drinks we wanted to try.

The Honeydew Yogurt consisted of honeydew slush and Konjac jelly. The yogurt series is the newest addition to their line of drinks. I found the honeydew slush to be very refreshing but I wasn’t a big fan of the tanginess from the yogurt. I’m not into Yakult or those types of yogurt drinks so I’m not sure why I wanted to try this. It wasn’t bad though just not my thing personally. On the menu, it didn’t actually say it had Konjac jelly in it though so I was surprised there was chewy bits in my drink!

The Zang Pearl Milk was Weekened Tea’s version of the ever-popular brown sugar pearl with fresh milk. I’m definitely on that bandwagon so I had to try their version. The pearls were a bit on the chewier side but the drink had a nice caramel flavour to it? It wasn’t as sweet as some other versions but you might be disappointed in it.

Weekend Tea

The Lychee Fruit Tea was super pretty with a pale pink ombre colour going on. It had real lychee pieces in it too. This was a very light beverage and would quench your thirst on a hot day. I don’t think there are a lot of fresh lychee drinks out there so it’s very unique.

Lastly let’s talk about my favourite of the day, the Zang Mango. This had a fresh mango mixture on the bottom, fresh milk and a layer of cheese foam on top. I was skeptical about this at first but I was surprised to find that this combination worked. The mango was fresh and sweet and when you mix everything together you just get a hint of saltiness from the cheese foam. I always get milk teas or milk based drinks instead of fruit teas so this hit the spot for me. They also have a strawberry version of this.

Weekend Tea’s menu is not that big and I would recommend you stick to their fruit teas since that’s what they’re known for. We noticed that some of the drinks did take more time to make compared to the average bubble tea. I’m not normally a fruit tea person but I still enjoyed their drinks!

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