Flat Iron-London

My first trip to Europe was to London! Flat Iron came up a few times in my food search and they’re known for their simple menu featuring the flat iron steak for £11 (or about $18.75). They have various locations across London and we went to the one in Soho. We arrived at about 6:15pm and waited about 30 minutes. They always have a line up so be prepared to wait!

They give you a small cleaver for a knife which was pretty cute! Made me feel dangerous >=)

Flat Iron

The seating is communal at tables for 6 and it’s quite cramped. I ordered the Flat Iron Steak, their namesake, which comes with a small side salad. I also added a Peppercorn sauce for £1.

Flat Iron Steak

I asked for the steak to be medium rare but unfortunately it came out as medium. It probably wasn’t as tender as it could’ve been if it was medium rare but it wasn’t overly chewy either. The steak was still juicy and the seasoning was simple but adequate. The peppercorn sauce also helped and it wasn’t too peppery.

Rib Eye Steak

We also ordered the slightly more expensive Rib Eye Steak for £16. This actually came out medium rare and the size was bigger than the flat iron. It was also a little bit more fatty and tender.

In addition we shared an extra side salad, Sophie’s Salad (gotta get our veg in!). This had mixed greens with blue cheese, candied pecans and lemon dressing. It was well dressed and slightly more tasty than the side salad.

Overall it was a good experience for steak at a good price. Flavour wise it wasn’t mind-blowing for me but definitely worth a try. FYI it’s much easier to get a table for 2.

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