Milkcow Cafe

Milkcow is a Korean dessert chain that specializes in organic soft serve ice cream. They’re located near the Richmond Oval. I always thought it’d be similar to Soft Peaks so I wasn’t dying to try it but they also have souffle pancakes now which peaked my interest.

The cafe is spacious and bright with seating for about 20 people. They serve about 12 different varieties of soft serve and 2 seasonal flavours. Most of the options are around $6.50.

Milkcow Cafe-Tiramisu Soft Serve

We decided to get the Tiramisu but what we didn’t know that it wasn’t going to be a full cup of ice cream with a big swirl on top. Or we just didn’t read the menu carefully. It had a small layer of mascarpone cheese on top dusted with cocoa powder, then soft serve ice cream, and lady fingers soaked in espresso at the bottom. It tasted pretty good but we just felt like we were missing out on the extra quantity of ice cream.

The ice cream itself had a nice milky flavour and was very smooth. It also didn’t melt too fast!

Ube Souffle Pancakes

For the Ube Souffle Pancakes, they told us it would take 30 minutes to make so don’t order this if you’re in a hurry. The souffle pancakes also come with a side of soft serve ice cream. For $12, it was a little pricey but the souffle pancakes tasted like the ones I had tried in Japan. They were soft, fluffy and slightly jiggly. The ube cream on top was mild in flavour and not too sweet. We devoured this pretty fast!

They also have the option to add cotton candy to your ice cream for an additional $3. This seemed to be a popular option for kids or if you just want a really cool photo.

If I’m craving ice cream in Richmond, I would visit Milkcow again.

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