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Hello world! Long time no blog post! We’re living in unprecedented times here with the COVID-19 situation. Due to social distancing, I’ll be spending lots of time at home so it’s probably time to do some blogging again. Even though it was pretty cold last week, I visited Granville Island and tried Popina.

Popina Puffcream Menu

Popina is located at the end of Granville Island behind the Granville Island market near Bridges restaurant. I never venture to this side so I’ve never stumbled upon them until now. They have 9 options for their puffcream dessert. The puffcream is made with antibiotic, hormone free, Fraser Valley milk and served in a freshly baked cream puff with various toppings.

We chose the Barista puffcream with espresso and turbinado sugar crumb, and ecuadorian cocoa. I tried to ask the server what turbinado sugar crumb was but she was just like… it’s just sugar.

Barista Puffcream

The soft serve was piled high and the texture was rich and creamy. It was also quite thick and didn’t melt quickly either which I really appreciated. The cream puff part was crispy and slightly sweetened. In terms of the flavour, the crumb topping reminded me of Oreo with some espresso flavour. The espresso flavour wasn’t as strong as I was expecting either but I guess they don’t want it to be bitter. The ecuadorian chocolate was just drizzled over the soft serve where it hardened quickly.

It does get slightly messy to eat as the crumb toppings will fall off but I don’t think it was as messy as Sweet Jesus (RIP). The puffcream was $8 though so I’m not sure if I would get it again? The cream puff part didn’t add much value to me personally but the dairy was good quality.

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