Tiger Sugar

It has officially been one week since I started working from home (WFH). I’ve always hated working from home so I never thought I’d ever have to be WFH 100% of the time. It was a bit of an adjustment but on the bright side, at least I’m still employed. A few weeks ago I finally tried Tiger Sugar. They are located across from the Richmond Public Market and next to Mango Yummy.

Tiger Sugar
Before shaking

Tiger Sugar is one of the most famous bubble tea chains from Taiwan and they specialize in brown sugar drinks. Their arrival in Vancouver was highly anticipated but there seemed to be mixed reviews. I knew I had to try it though. I ordered the Black Sugar Boba+Pearl Milk with Cream Mousse. Everyone else seemed to be getting this so I had to try it. Tiger Sugar has “boba” which are the large tapioca pearls that we normally get and also “pearls” which are mini tapioca balls. This drink had both types of pearls which gave it a different texture.

Tiger Sugar
After shaking

They recommend shaking it 15 times but I don’t think I shook it that many times. I really really wanted to like this drink but sadly I was disappointed. The drink had way too much ice so I finished it in record time. They don’t let you adjust the sugar or ice levels here.

Flavour wise it was fine, personally I didn’t find it too sweet. I was warned by another IG foodie that the pearls/boba are REALLY SOFT. I completely agree that the pearls/boba were way too soft. There was no chewy texture at all which is what I love about pearls/boba. It was just soft and overcooked. If you were a grandma with dentures you would have no problem.

Needless to say, I won’t be recommending Tiger Sugar. I prefer Xing Fu Tang.