Outpost Mini Donut Company

Steveston is a great place to visit on a sunny day and I finally found the Outpost Mini Donut Company on my most recent visit! The shop is pretty small with just a table and a small couch to sit on. I believe most people take their donuts to go but the shop smells amazing!

Outpost Mini Donut Company

You can buy the mini donuts in a half dozen, baker’s dozen or a box of 20. We decided to get a baker’s dozen in a cone which is 50 cents cheaper than getting it in a box ($8.50). We were going to eat them right away anyway. They display all the flavours of the day on a tray at the counter so you have an idea of what they all look like.

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Castella Cheesecake

When I lived in Sydney last year, they had quite a few places that served cheese tarts (Uncle Tetsu, Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts, Pablos) and of course I tried them since we didn’t have them in Vancouver before. Castella Cheesecake opened up last year and I finally remembered to pay them a visit. They’re located on Robson and Bute next to Happy Lemon.

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Grounds For Coffee-Best Cinnamon Buns!

There’s just something about a gooey warm cinnamon bun with frosting that makes me melt inside. I was aware of Grounds for Coffee from my time attending UBC but I had just never been and there was no social media hype back then. Ever since Grounds for Coffee invited some influencers to try their cinnamon buns, it put them on my radar again. Social media marketing works (on me at least)!

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Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus hails from Toronto and their Metrotown location is their first in BC. There was a lot of hype when they first opened in Toronto and they have since expanded across Ontario and into Alberta and now BC. Their Metrotown store is located near Superstore. Sweet Jesus is known for their soft serve cones that are smothered in a variety of toppings. With names like Rocky Road Rage and Hella Nutella, there will be something for your sweet tooth here. I came last month when they were doing a buy one get one 50% off deal.

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Meet Fresh-Richmond

Meet Fresh is a Taiwanese dessert chain that opened this year in Richmond and they also have a location downtown on Robson now. This is the culmination of two visits. Once you have ordered at the counter, you will be given a device that will vibrate when your order is ready to be picked up at the counter. They get pretty busy at night but service is pretty fast since everything just needs to be assembled.

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Nero Belgian Waffle Bar-Seymour St. Location

The new location of Nero Belgian Waffle Bar opened up a while back and I finally checked it out. I no longer need to trek to the West End to get my waffle fix! The new location is on the corner of Seymour and Nelson and it’s a lot more spacious aka less waiting! This Nero’s felt more cozy with the red brick-coloured walls and chair cushions; and the dim lighting. They have some snug looking window booth seats and also patio seating as well.Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

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Limited Edition Ube and Coconut Ice Cream-Amato Gelato Cafe

Disclaimer: All ice cream was complimentary but opinions are my own.

I’ve been seeing ube flavours popping up in Vancouver this year and my fellow food blogger Foodgressing (check out her giveaway!), has just launched her own collaboration flavour, ube and coconut, with Amato Gelato Cafe/Mario’s Gelati. Located near Olympic Village, they are one of Vancouver’s first gelato stores and have 200+ flavours on rotation.
Amato Gelato CafeUbe is purple yam and it’s a popular Filipino dessert flavour. The owner said that he had trouble getting his hands on ube and a lot of suppliers that he talked to suggested that he just use taro but he knew it wasn’t the same despite the similar colours and flavour profiles.

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Snackshot-My First Taste of Ube Sago

Snackshot is a new HK style dessert shop in the Marpole area. I still remember when this location was Bubble World back when I was in high school! It’s located next to Qoo Cafe on Granville and 64th. The outside doesn’t look that inviting but the decor inside is on point.


I don’t normally gravitate towards Asian desserts (I’m more into cakes and pastries) but I was interested in trying their dessert platter and the Vitasoy Bulldog drink. Also, it took me 20+ years before I could accept red bean as a dessert.

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Desserts at Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar

After having fish and chips on Granville Island, my friends and I decided that we needed dessert. Since most places on Granville Island were already closed we brainstormed nearby dessert joints and my friend suggested Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar. Typically I get desserts at Asian dessert cafes or ice cream shops so this was new and different for me. Also a lot fancier!

Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar

Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar is located inside the Sutton Place Hotel which is diagonal from the Scotiabank Theatre. They used to have a different restaurant here that had a chocolate buffet but unfortunately I never got to try it.  Continue reading →