Blossom Dim Sum and Grill

I was invited to check out the new Fall and Winter menu for Blossom Dim Sum and Grill. As this was a lunch tasting on a weekday, I didn’t get to try all the items since I had to go back to work. This will be a limited review of the appies and small dishes that came out first.

Blossom Dim Sum and Grill

The space was bright and inviting with beautiful murals on the wall. the use of velvet chairs gave the space an even more luxurious feel.

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Van Tea Cafe-HK Style Cafe

My family always has trouble deciding where to eat but this time, my friend had recently recommended Van Tea Cafe so that’s what I suggested. Van Tea Cafe is a HK style cafe located on the corner of 41st and Main. It doesn’t look like much on the outside but the inside has been renovated with a clean and spacious look.

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Double Double Restaurant-Chinese Donuts

I must admit that I don’t eat a lot of Chinese donut. Not that I don’t like it but my family was never really into it but I’ve had it a few more times lately and I’m digging it. I’ve come across Double Double Restaurant before on Instagram but I never really knew where it was. While looking for some Sunday family lunch options, I decided to figure out where it was and go.

Double Double RestaurantDouble Double Restaurant is located in the plaza next to Parker Place (not the Aberdeen side, the other side). We went around 1pm and got a table right away as a lot of people were leaving at that time. The turnover rate is pretty fast. Continue reading →

Richmond Night Market 2017

The Richmond Night Market is something I look forward to every year. Admission this year is $3.75 now. Since there were only 2 of us we decided not to get the zoom pass. We arrived at 6:50pm (they open at 7pm) and the line up was extremely long already. We waited 45 mins to get in but then the food line ups weren’t as long. If you go a bit later then the line up to get in will be shorter but the food line ups will be longer. Either way prepare to line up.

Richmond Night Market

They are still doing the dino theme and have incorporated bumper cars into their line up of games! There were also mini bumper cars for younger kids. I felt bad for the ride attendant who kept getting bumped into by the kids.  Continue reading →

Illumination Night Market Highlights

Disclaimer: I was invited to a media tasting at the Illumination Night Market by ChineseBites. All food and beverages were complimentary but opinions are my own.

Illumination Night Market

Love Locks

This year the Illumination Night Market (previously Panda Market) will be charging a $3 admission fee. In previous years it was free but it’s still a bit cheaper than the other night market where admission is $3.75. They have added some pretty lights hence the name “Illumination” Night Market. I’ll be highlighting some of the items I enjoyed or thought were interesting as I tried too many things!  Continue reading →

Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine

Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine is located in the same complex as the new Walmart on Garden City in Richmond. It seems fairly new so my family decided to check it out. It’s located beside Nando’s and across from Darumaya, the Japanese grocery store (they have pillowy-soft mochi there!).

Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine

Z & Y Shanghai Cuisine is the sister restaurant of Yuan’s Shanghai Serendipity Cuisine next to Aberdeen. I wonder what Z & Y stands for?
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Pink Pearl Restaurant-4 Decades of Dim Sum

Disclaimer: I was invited to a media event by Chinese Bites at Pink Pearl Restaurant. All food and drinks were complimentary but opinions are my own.

Pink Pearl Chinese RestaurantPink Pearl has been around since the 1980’s and they are now celebrating four decades of dim sum and Chinese cuisine. I’ve heard of Pink Pearl before from my parents but I’ve actually never been there. According to the manager, they closed down for a few years due to a fire and re-opened in 2012 so this was their 5th re-opening anniversary. They are located on E. Hastings near Clark Drive and also easily accessible by public transit. Read on to find out what new dim sum items I discovered! Continue reading →

New Year’s Dim Sum at Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine

My family decided to go for dim sum on the day after New Year’s which was also a stat holiday. The first place we tried was Parklane Restaurant and we arrived at about 1pm and they said it would be about 45min-1hour wait. Then we ventured across the plaza to inquire about the wait time at Empire Restaurant, they had a similar wait time there as well. It was a holiday after all! Not wanting to wait so long, we decided to head over to Shi-Art in Richmond Centre so that if we had to wait, at least we could shop at the same time. Surprisingly there was only 1 person waiting when we got there at 1:3pm… I thought that was strange since they’re in a prime location with lots of parking. Not complaining though! Looks like third times the charm.

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Happy Tree House BBQ

My friend wanted to try out Happy Tree House BBQ for our next gathering and I’m down to try new places! I haven’t heard much about Happy Tree House BBQ so I didn’t have any expectations but my friend said that she noticed it was always busy in here when she went to Koto Izakaya which is located in the same plaza. Happy Tree House BBQ specializes in meat skewers.

Happy Tree House BBQ

We had 5 people which was good because there is a min. order of 5 for some of the skewers. Above we have the Chicken Knees and the Pork skewers. The seasoning they used was really tasty and not too salty. The meat was nicely grilled and tender. The skewers are brought to the table as they are ready. Continue reading →

Aberdeen Food Court-Leung Kee

I haven’t been to the Aberdeen food court in a long time and it’s as busy as ever! I was craving some Chinese comfort food because it’s bulking season and I have my eyes set on carbs!

Leung Kee-Aberdeen Food Court

This time I hit up Leung Kee which offers great HK style food for a great price! They offer all the classic HK style cafe dishes that you can think of. The line here was almost as long as Bubble Waffle Cafe.

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