Firebird Cafe

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

Thanks to ChineseBites, I had the opportunity to visit Firebird Cafe with fellow blogger Sophia (Everyday Is a Food Day) and our respective +1’s. If you can recall, it is in the same location that Deer Garden used to be in Continental Centre. Firebird Cafe also happens to be serving the same kind of food as Deer Garden i.e. noodle soup and HK style cafe food. The interior looks the same as Deer Garden too. You can basically pretend it’s Deer Garden but with a different name.

Firebird Cafe

Noodle soup ordering sheet

The ordering sheet looked fairly similar to what you would find at Deer Garden.

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Chen’s Shanghai Kitchen

Chen’s Shanghai Kitchen is located in a plaza on Park Road just across from Richmond Centre. It’s hard to find parking in the parking lot during peak hours though since there are a few restaurants that share the parking lot.

Chen's Shanghai Kitchen

I’ve heard a lot about their XLB’s so that was a must order item. Thankfully they lived up to the hype with a nice thin skin, smooth pork and lots of juice inside! I’m generally not too picky about XLB anyway. They’re almost always good. Continue reading →

Long’s Noodle House

I’ve noticed Long’s Noodle House a few years ago when I went to Au Petite Cafe  to try their bahn me sandwiches. Long’s Noodle House is right next door! I went pretty late at around 8:30pm so it was pretty empty and they said that they were closing soon so anything we order would be last call. The interior is small and sparsely decorated with one wall covered in a mirror to make it look bigger. The menu isn’t too big but it has all the classic Shanghainese dishes.

Long's Noodle House

The first item we ordered was the Drunken Chicken. Continue reading →

Peaceful Restaurant-Mount Pleasant

Another old post that I never posted. Peaceful Restaurant, of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives fame, has opened two more locations since they’ve been on the show. One is in the Mount Pleasant area on 5th and Quebec Street. Compared to the dingy interior of the original Broadway location, this one looks much more refined. Okay maybe not refined but the interior is simple, clean and spacious. It is also less busy than the original location.

Peaceful Restaurant

On this occasion, I was getting takeout. This was the Peaceful House Rice with diced pork, shrimp, vegetables and cilantro. Described on the menu as slightly spicy, there was some heat to the rice and the fried rice was packed with ingredients. The assortment of veggies made the dish more colourful.  Continue reading →

Sugarholic Cafe-Revisit

When Sugarholic Cafe first opened, I had some doubts about them but they seem like they may be here to stay. I did say that I was willing to come back and try some of their other items.

Their menu is a fusion of Asian and Western dishes. I love that their menu has pictures! The restaurant decor is very cutesy too.

Sugarholic Cafe

The Seafood Pizza Waffle sounded delicious on the menu and the picture looked appetizing too so we decided to try it. The waffle is topped with small pieces of shrimp and scallop as well as pizza sauce and some cheese and mayo drizzled over it.

I was pretty excited for this but there was just wayyy too much pizza sauce and it was too overwhelming! That’s pretty much all you can taste. The waffle was kind of like a mochi waffle and very chewy so this was a very filling dish. I still kind of think the texture of the waffle is a bit weird but it’s not bad. I think they can tone down the pasta sauce so that the focus can be on the seafood more and maybe add more cheese?  Continue reading →

That Time I Ate the Whole Food Court-Taste of Aberdeen

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

I was invited to another Chinese Bites event last month and this time it was at the Aberdeen food court with 60 other foodies. I’m quite familiar with the food court (or so I thought) and I’ve spent a lot of time here when I was younger. Now I had the chance to try EVERY food stall! It was a dream come true yet I feared for my growing waistline. #foodbloggerproblems

So without further ado… let the gluttony begin!

Aberdeen Food CourtStarting from left to right:

  • Milk tea with pearls (Estea Express)
  • Iced lemon ribena (Bubble Waffle)
  • House special: mango coconut juice with tapioca, mango and pomelo bits (8 Juice)
  • Iced Genmaicha (Saboten)
  • Matcha soy bean (Strike)
  • Iced honey matcha tea (Teppan Kitchen)

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Parklane Restaurant

Parklane Restaurant is a Chiu Chow style restaurant located next to London Drugs on No. 3 and Westminster highway. The other Chinese restaurant beside London Drugs is Empire Restaurant (which is a bit more expensive I believe) so don’t get them confused.

I like how it’s on the second floor and they have big windows that let lots of light come in! You also get a view of Kirin across the street and Richmond Centre. My parents were actually very late meeting my brother and I because they decided to do some last minute shopping…

Parklane Restaurant This was the Braised Dried Seafood Thick Soup. We didn’t find it to have much seafood and we would have preferred our usual crab meat and fish maw soup. Continue reading →

HK BBQ Master

After seeing pictures of juicy succulent meat from Sean (Sean’s Adventures in Flavortown), I decided I really had to pay HK BBQ Master a visit! Located in the Superstore parking lot in Richmond (the opposite end of The BBT Shop), HK BBQ Master just never really stood out to me.

You can choose to have a combination of 1, 2 or 3 items on rice. They have the usual BBQ meats such as duck, BBQ pork, roast pork, and soya chicken.

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Nu Chinese Bistro-15 Course Dinner

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

I was invited to another Chinese Bites dinner and this time it was at Nu Chinese Bistro. It’s located at Cosmo Plaza on Garden City and McKim Way. It’s on the second floor and the plaza was a bit difficult to find since there are so many there and I wasn’t sure which one it was. The restaurant looks pretty new and since they are located on the second floor they get lots of lighting.

Nu Chinese BistroWe started off with the Xiao Long Bao (XLB). These were surprisingly big and super juicy! Continue reading →

Hakkasan Bistro-10 Course Dinner

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

Time for another Chinese Bites dinner! This time it was a 10 course meal at Hakkasan Bistro. The location is pretty obscure on No. 5 road just past Vulcan way. I would have never noticed this restaurant since I’m not in the area often. Unlike your typical Chinese restaurant, the decor inside is very modern and French? You wouldn’t be able to tell that it’s a Chinese restaurant if it wasn’t for the food. I noticed they also play pop songs lightly in the background.

Hakkasan Bistro

The menu

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