Ramen Danbo-Robson

Ramen Danbo opened up last year on W. 4th and opened another location on Robson as well. After watching Dr. Strange, my friends and I craved ramen on a cold rainy day so we headed over to their Robson location. It wasn’t too busy and after a quick wait, we were seated at the bar. The “bar” is actually a really low one instead of the high counter top kind that you usually think of when people say they’re sitting at the bar.

Ramen Danbo

Each wooden stool is actually hollow inside and there’s a lid that you can remove so that you can place your coat and bag inside since there is usually no where to put your belongings in many ramen shops. I thought that was super nifty! Continue reading →

Konbiniya Japan Centre-Onigiri Options

While wandering down Robson on my lunch break, I walked into Konbiniya Japan Centre which is a Japanese convenience store that sells lots of Japanese snacks! They also make crepes and are well known for their matcha soft serve.

Konbiniya Japan Centre

I never noticed this before, but Konbiniya also has a fridge with an array of onigiri!  Continue reading →

Spaghetei Revisit-Second Time’s the Charm

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

Spaghetei invited me back again this summer to try their menu again. No the menu has not changed but I only tried two of the pasta dishes last time so it was a great opportunity to try a few more.


This time my dining companions were Foodgressing, Nosh and Nibble, The Happy Sloths and Miss Vancouver Piggy.

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Charcoal Sushi and BBQ Restaurant

For Mother’s Day, my brother and I took my mom out for dinner at Charcoal Sushi. Located in the complex on No. 3 Road and Westminster Hwy, there’s plenty of parking here! Charcoal Sushi has about 7 medium sized tables inside and some bar seating. Each table also has a covered grill in the centre for BBQ meats. They take reservations but didn’t seem very busy for the Mother’s Day weekend.
Charcoal Sushi

We started off with a Chopped Scallop Roll and Smoked Salmon Roll. Fairly standard, the scalloped roll could’ve been rolled better. Continue reading →

Temaki Sushi

Temaki Sushi is located on Broadway and Arbutus and down the street from BC Sushi. I’ve only been there once many years ago and my friend suggested we come here for a group dinner. We had 7 people so we had a nice booth to ourselves. I saw that the reviews were good on Zomato so I was interested in trying it again but it fell short of expectations.

Temaki Sushi

We started off by sharing two orders of the Assorted Tempura. Each piece was hot, crispy and not too greasy. This came with 4 pieces of prawn and 3 pieces of vegetable.  Continue reading →

Marutama Ramen

Marutama has been highly praised for their perfectly soft boiled egg and flavourful chicken broth so it was about time that I tried it. Located on Bidwell Street, it’s just around the corner from the ever-popular Santouka and it’s never ending line ups. I arrived right at 12pm and there was no line up! Score for me!

Marutama Ramen Continue reading →

Miura Restaurant and Bar-Rebranded

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

Thanks to Instagram foodie and food blogger, Jacqueline (Check out her blog here), I got to visit the new rebranded Miura Restaurant and Bar with some other foodies. It was formerly known as Miura Waffle and Milk Bar. They were also featured on You Gotta Eat Here! Don’t worry they still have some of their famous waffle sandwiches on the menu! As a restaurant and bar, they serve appies and entrees that are more izakaya style. Of course there are also alcoholic beverages.

Miura Restaurant and Bar

Miura Restaurant and Bar

The blue one is Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the orange one is the Morning Glory but I can’t remember the name of the other drink. Continue reading →