Spaghetei Revisit-Second Time’s the Charm

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

Spaghetei invited me back again this summer to try their menu again. No the menu has not changed but I only tried two of the pasta dishes last time so it was a great opportunity to try a few more.


This time my dining companions were Foodgressing, Nosh and Nibble, The Happy Sloths and Miss Vancouver Piggy.

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Charcoal Sushi and BBQ Restaurant

For Mother’s Day, my brother and I took my mom out for dinner at Charcoal Sushi. Located in the complex on No. 3 Road and Westminster Hwy, there’s plenty of parking here! Charcoal Sushi has about 7 medium sized tables inside and some bar seating. Each table also has a covered grill in the centre for BBQ meats. They take reservations but didn’t seem very busy for the Mother’s Day weekend.
Charcoal Sushi

We started off with a Chopped Scallop Roll and Smoked Salmon Roll. Fairly standard, the scalloped roll could’ve been rolled better. Continue reading →

Temaki Sushi

Temaki Sushi is located on Broadway and Arbutus and down the street from BC Sushi. I’ve only been there once many years ago and my friend suggested we come here for a group dinner. We had 7 people so we had a nice booth to ourselves. I saw that the reviews were good on Zomato so I was interested in trying it again but it fell short of expectations.

Temaki Sushi

We started off by sharing two orders of the Assorted Tempura. Each piece was hot, crispy and not too greasy. This came with 4 pieces of prawn and 3 pieces of vegetable.  Continue reading →

Marutama Ramen

Marutama has been highly praised for their perfectly soft boiled egg and flavourful chicken broth so it was about time that I tried it. Located on Bidwell Street, it’s just around the corner from the ever-popular Santouka and it’s never ending line ups. I arrived right at 12pm and there was no line up! Score for me!

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Miura Restaurant and Bar-Rebranded

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

Thanks to Instagram foodie and food blogger, Jacqueline (Check out her blog here), I got to visit the new rebranded Miura Restaurant and Bar with some other foodies. It was formerly known as Miura Waffle and Milk Bar. They were also featured on You Gotta Eat Here! Don’t worry they still have some of their famous waffle sandwiches on the menu! As a restaurant and bar, they serve appies and entrees that are more izakaya style. Of course there are also alcoholic beverages.

Miura Restaurant and Bar

Miura Restaurant and Bar

The blue one is Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the orange one is the Morning Glory but I can’t remember the name of the other drink. Continue reading →

Torafuku-Presentation on Point

The owners of food truck Le Tigre finally opened up a brick and mortar location last summer and it received a lot of buzz. I finally had the chance to check it out in the up and coming neighbourhood near the edge of Chinatown. I had heard about how busy they were so I made sure to go super early. The day I went was dreary and rainy so I was actually their first customer! I’m just an eager beaver when it comes to food.


The plate was a really artsy looking piece of wood. Continue reading →

Sushi Aria

I saw that a new sushi restaurant had opened where Luv Cravings used to be on Cambie and King Edward. It’s also sandwiched between Corner 23 and Copa Cafe. Since it’s fairly new, it was empty when we went but we decided to try it anyway because I’m a food blogger and that’s what I do! Also I read on Raymond’s Sushi Adventures that it was not bad. The restaurant has a lot of booth seating.

Sushi Aria

The first roll we received was the Caribbean roll which was basically like a rainbow roll but with tamago inside. It was nicely constructed but it just seemed kind of dry? Or it was more evident that the rice was bland and could’ve used more vinegar? Maybe I’m just too used to rolls drenched in sauce these days.  Continue reading →

Marulilu Cafe

I’ve passed by the cozy looking Marulilu Cafe many time before and I finally went! It’s right across from the Broadway and Cambie Canada Line station. The space inside is a bit tight and you order and pay at the counter first and they will bring the food to you. You can also help yourself to some water on the counter.

Marulilu Cafe

Most of their menu items are less than $10, especially some of their breakfast items. They also have a wide variety of drinks like lavender lattes! Their daily dessert selection is available in their display case at the front. Continue reading →

Momofuku Noodle Bar-Overhyped

I recently started a new job and I had the chance to go on a business trip to Toronto. Of course I had to use this opportunity to try as much food as possible. Momofuku is a chain restaurant from New York and their only location in Canada is in Toronto. Momofuku is located inside the Shangri-La Hotel and they take up 3 floors. The noodle bar is located on the first floor.

Momofuku Noodle Bar

The seating area consists of some communal tables and it’s very spacious looking compared to places I’ve been to in Vancouver! But then again this is a famous restaurant chain and they’re inside a hotel. Continue reading →