Bao Down Snack Bar

I came across a photo of Bao Down Snack Bar’s chicken and waffles and rounded up my co workers to go for lunch even though it was a bit of a walk from our office. They don’t have the chicken and waffles for lunch but they did have a similar fried chicken dish.

Bao Down Snack Bar

Bao Down Snack Bar is the third restaurant that spawned from their first venture in Gastown and actually, this location is literally around the corner from the first location! Lunch hours start at 12pm and we were their first customers. It wasn’t busy at all when I was there but they do take reservations. Read more

Heritage Asian Eatery-Baos and Bowls

Heritage Asian Eatery opened up late last year and they feature Asian inspired baos and bowls as well as snacks. Located next to Melu Juice, there’s ample seating in here with some small tables for 2 or 4 and a longer communal table as well. You order at the counter and then they will call you once your food is ready. This post is a culmination of 2 visits, the first was back in December and then I went again in March.

Heritage Asian Eatery

My friend ordered the udon with a sous vide egg. The dish was nicely plated and the egg melded everything together smoothly. The flavours here were very light. Read more

Samsoonie Noodle and Rice – BF Writes My Blog Post

I asked for Korean Food one night, and this is what my dear Food GPS points me towards.  Let’s dive right in; Samsoonie Noodle and Rice, a restaurant tucked away in a corner of an oddly shaped plaza.  These places usually scream, “I’m delicious, come to me!”   Let’s find out if that’s the case.

Samsoonie Noodle and Rice Read more

Trying Taiwanese Beer at Maji Restaurant

My friend came back from Japan (she teaches English there) so we set a date to catch up. We were originally going to go to Hanok because I saw on Instagram that they have the sizzling hot plate with the egg, corn and cheese like Tabom but then I decided to try out Cocoru for fried chicken instead. When we got there, they didn’t have much of a line up waiting outside but the server told us that it would be a 1 hour wait so we left since there are so many other options on Alexandra Road.

We ended up heading over to Maji Restaurant down the street and since we were a table of 2, we got a table right away. Yay for no waiting! The restaurant is also a lot more spacious than Cocoru.

Maji Restaurant

Read more

New Year’s Dim Sum at Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine

My family decided to go for dim sum on the day after New Year’s which was also a stat holiday. The first place we tried was Parklane Restaurant and we arrived at about 1pm and they said it would be about 45min-1hour wait. Then we ventured across the plaza to inquire about the wait time at Empire Restaurant, they had a similar wait time there as well. It was a holiday after all! Not wanting to wait so long, we decided to head over to Shi-Art in Richmond Centre so that if we had to wait, at least we could shop at the same time. Surprisingly there was only 1 person waiting when we got there at 1:3pm… I thought that was strange since they’re in a prime location with lots of parking. Not complaining though! Looks like third times the charm.

Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine Read more

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