17°C Dessert Café

17°C Dessert Café

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

Shaved ice from 17°C Dessert Café took over Instagram recently after they opened over the May long weekend. If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you’ll know that I hate line ups so obviously I wasn’t the first one there but thankfully I was invited by ChineseBites for a private tasting. Yay!
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Cookies By George-For the Cookie Monster in Your Life

Cookies By George is located on the lower level of Royal Centre. I had never really been through Royal Centre before I started working downtown but I’m so glad I discovered Cookies By George!

Cookies By George

They have a great variety of cookies (e.g. reverse almond chocolate chunk, chewy ginger, macadamia nut chocolate chunk etc.) and they’re always freshly baked. The cookies are also available as gifts in gift boxes or tins. Food gifts are the best gifts! Continue reading →

Cadeaux Bakery-Cake Review

I saw some delish pictures of cakes from Cadeaux Bakery, including an Earl Grey cake which prompted my visits. Cadeaux Bakery is located on Cordova and Main St. just on the edge of Gastown. The interior is adorable and girly!

Cadeaux Bakery

I like the open kitchen concept. There were some yummy looking croissants being made in the back (I have a thing for croissants lately). Continue reading →

Sweet Obsessions Cakes & Pastries: Cakes Galore

Sweet Obsessions has been on my list of dessert cafes to visit for a long time but I never really go to that area (16th and MacDonald Street) and it’s not that convenient to bus there either. Actually that area just reminds me of when I had to take my road test because ICBC is nearby.

When my friend said she felt like eating cake for dessert, I suggested this place and it did not disappoint.

Sweet Obsessions Cakes & Pastries
We came after dinner and we were lucky to get the last table! As with most cafes, seating is limited. Continue reading →

Sweetery Cafe and Dessert

I used to work near Sweetery Cafe but I never ended up blogging about it so here it is! It’s in between the Olympic Village skytrain station and Olympic Village. The area is industrial but new restaurants and breweries have been popping up as well as more condos. They’re only open Monday to Friday though and I see conflicting times on when they’re closed but I’m pretty sure they close at 5pm ( EDIT: they now open on Saturdays too! Check out Foodology’s post here.) In addition to dessert, Sweetery also serves soups and sandwiches for lunch. Their lunch special can be found on their Facebook page.

Sweetery Cafe and Bakery

Instead of serving their Carrot Loaf in slices, they come in these mini loaves with cream cheese frosting on top. This was a good version with walnuts and raisins and the inside was moist. The amount of frosting was also generous. Continue reading →

Hot Chocolate Festival-Bella Gelateria

The Hot Chocolate Festival is on again for the sixth year and after perusing some hot chocolate menus, the Black Magic from Bella Gelateria caught my eye. It’s made with Dark 63% Vanuari chocolate with black sesame paste and matcha whipped cream. The Asian inspired flavours certainly sounded interesting in hot chocolate form!

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Fondway Cafe-Opening Event

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

I was invited to Fondway Cafe for their media launch event  this month. Fondway Cafe used to be in Crystal Mall but they have relocated to Beresford Street which is just behind the skytrain station. The cafe is in a residential area with lots of apartments.

Fondway Cafe

The cafe is pretty quaint and kitschy looking. I love the decor here and they have high ceilings which makes it look more spacious. I can see myself hanging out here with some girl friends! They also have some interesting art painted on the wall.  Continue reading →