Suspro Protein Bars-Review

Disclaimer: I was provided the Suspro protein bars to try in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

The Product

Suspro Protein Bars

Suspro protein bars are plant based, allergen friendly (free of the top 8 most common allergens), low sugar, and packed with seeds. Each bar contains a combination of natural seeds, including sunflower, pumpkin, quinoa, and chia seeds. Seeds are the first ingredient listed on the protein bars. The seeds were carefully chosen to provide consumers with all the essential amino acids which we can only obtain through consumption. Furthermore, all of their bars are rich in healthy fats and contain less than 4g of sugar.

Suspro Protein Bars

The Suspro bars are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, peanut free, and GMO free. Currently they have 4 flavours available: Apple Pie, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Mint Chocolate and Pineapple

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Richmond Night Market 2017

The Richmond Night Market is something I look forward to every year. Admission this year is $3.75 now. Since there were only 2 of us we decided not to get the zoom pass. We arrived at 6:50pm (they open at 7pm) and the line up was extremely long already. We waited 45 mins to get in but then the food line ups weren’t as long. If you go a bit later then the line up to get in will be shorter but the food line ups will be longer. Either way prepare to line up.

Richmond Night Market

They are still doing the dino theme and have incorporated bumper cars into their line up of games! There were also mini bumper cars for younger kids. I felt bad for the ride attendant who kept getting bumped into by the kids.  Continue reading →

Illumination Night Market Highlights

Disclaimer: I was invited to a media tasting at the Illumination Night Market by ChineseBites. All food and beverages were complimentary but opinions are my own.

Illumination Night Market

Love Locks

This year the Illumination Night Market (previously Panda Market) will be charging a $3 admission fee. In previous years it was free but it’s still a bit cheaper than the other night market where admission is $3.75. They have added some pretty lights hence the name “Illumination” Night Market. I’ll be highlighting some of the items I enjoyed or thought were interesting as I tried too many things!  Continue reading →

Baker’s Krate-Subscription Dessert Box Review

My friend kindly sent me the Baker’s Krate box last month for my birthday and boy was I excited to receive it! To be fair, it was sitting at the post office for a few days before I went to pick it up because I missed it at my house…

Baker's Krate

Baker’s Krate selects different hand-crafted baked goods from all across Canada to ship to you every month. Sounds delicious already right? The treats they selected for August were right up my alley!

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Royce’ Chocolates

Disclaimer: I won the Royce’ Chocolates in a giveaway on Instagram. I love giveaways =D

If you haven’t heard already, Royce’ Chocolates is from Japan and they have opened a kiosk at Richmond Centre. It’s located near Shopper’s Drug Mart and H&M.

Royce' Chocolates

You won’t be able to resist checking out some of the goodies in their clean, minimalistic display. Continue reading →

Free Tickets to Tea Sparrow’s 2nd Annual Tea Off

Disclaimer: Tea Sparrow has provided me with complimentary tickets to their Tea Off event

Hello Fellow Tea Drinkers!

Tea Sparrow, a monthly subscription tea box service, has kindly provided me with tickets for my followers and anyone who would like to sample some tea! There will be 18 different teas to try! Just show the Groupon in the link below (admission for two)!

Ticket 2nd Annual Tea-Off!

Date: Sunday, October 25, 2015

Time: 11am-5pm

Address: Heritage Hall

3102 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5T 3G7

You will be provided with your own tea cup and basically walk around to each table and sample all the different teas. For more information, please visit their website.

Read my review of one of their monthly tea boxes here.

Cook Your Life-Combining Cooking and Theatre

Disclaimer: I was asked to blog about this show and provided two complimentary tickets in exchange

Cook Your Life is part of the Gateway Theatre Pacific Festival (加藝太平洋戲劇節). Taking place throughout September, the festival aims to present new and exciting theatre from Hong Kong. They are the only professional theatre to bring in shows from Hong Kong (aka across the Pacific).

Cook Your Life

Cook Your Life  is created, directed and produced by May Chan. May cooks live onstage while she draws funny and insightful parallels between food and relationships. The show will start with some improvised dialogue in Cantonese and English so that even if you don’t understand Cantonese, you’ll still have an idea of what is going on. Don’t worry, there will also be English subtitles!

The show incorporates a 4-D theatre approach where the audience can see, hear, smell, and taste the experience (select audience members will be able to sample the food!). May also has her own cooking channel in Hong Kong. Continue reading →

Sue’s Jerky

When I was at EAT! Vancouver this year, I discovered the Sue’s Jerky stall and boy was it amazing! I tried every flavour… multiple times. But I did end up buying one! They’re also locally made in Richmond!

Sue's JerkyI got the Slow Roasted Pulled Pork flavour and it was slightly sweet and not too chewy. The pulled pork is quite shredded too and I find that their jerky is softer? I wish the packs were bigger! I could’ve had two of these packs. They’re about 40g each. All the flavours were good and I hope to see them around somewhere. It’s just different from the jerky I usually see around (like BKH or the kind at the checkout counter in grocery stores).

I’m not sure where you can buy them except online through their website?


International Summer Night Market 2015

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

Over the weekend I was invited by ChineseBites to the International Summer Night Market (the one near IKEA). On our way there, we almost ran over a super cute bunny as it dashed across the road! Don’t worry it survived! Okay back to the night market…

My boyfriend and I arrived around 8pm and the night market was dead compared to the other night market (the duck one). There were hardly any vendors and there weren’t that many food vendors either. It was pretty sad since this was the original night market that I used to go to but I guess the competition has gotten tough. On the bright side, this means literally no lines ups and no crowds. I also heard the food is a bit cheaper here and no entry fee either.

Prepare for lots of pictures!

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Disclaimer: All drinks were complimentary but opinions are my own

Last week I was invited to the Chatime media event by ChineseBites. They opened up three new locations this year on Robson, Broadway and Blundell Road. I visited the Broadway location for the event and it’s located a few steps away from the 99 bus stop at Granville and Broadway.

Chatime is the #1 bubble tea brand in the world with over 1200 locations worldwide! Their tea is brewed fresh in the store and they only use high quality natural ingredients and they don’t use pre-made tea or tea powders either. In fact, they source the tea leaves directly from Taiwan and they even have their own tea farm.


Some snacks for the event! Continue reading →