WestCoast Poke-Poke Outside of Downtown

2016 was the year of poke since poke shops were popping up left and right. WestCoast Poke is one of the newer ones (or maybe by the time I publish this post it won’t be) outside of the downtown core on 8th and Cambie.

WestCoast Poké

It’s conveniently located near the Canada Line and they’ll probably get a lot of lunch time traffic from people working nearby.  Continue reading →

The Poke Shop-Poke with Tropical Drinks

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

I was invited to the soft opening of The Poke Shop in Gastown and I brought along Foodology, Foodgressing and C’est La Vie A Maggi. Since this was a soft opening, things may change slightly in the coming months as they tweak their operations.

The Poke Shop

The Poke Shop is located on Water Street next to Water Street Cafe and across from the steam clock. The store signage isn’t that noticeable if you’re not looking for it. Continue reading →


Pokeritto is the last poke place I need to try (downtown)! I went around 1pm and there was a small line up but it moved fast enough. The shop itself is small and doesn’t have a lot of seating. I was here to try their burritos because ever since I saw photos of Sushiritto from San Francisco, I’ve really liked the idea!


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The Poke Guy

The Poke Guy is the latest newcomer to the poke scene. They are closer to Gastown on Richards and Hastings Street so if you work around here you don’t need to go as far for your poke fix now.

The Poke Guy

They’re right next to a barber shop. This also used to be a waffle place that flopped. I had considered trying them but I was just put off by their lack of ambiance and decor and based on the pictures of the food, they could’ve worked on presentation more. Anyway, I’m glad The Poke Guy took over!  Continue reading →

Poke Time-My First Poke Experience

Poke Time opened up last month and I had been hearing and reading a lot about the new poke (pronounced poh-kay) bars that are suppose to be opening up this year so I really wanted to try it. Also, it’s basically like sashimi on rice so it seemed like it was hard to go wrong with it!

Poke Time

Poke is a raw fish salad that originates from Hawaii. I’ve never been to Hawaii before so I’ve never had the real thing but my friend says that poke is commonly found in grocery stores too and you can buy it deli style there! The photo above was actually taken a few days after my visit so I went before the grand opening. Not sure if things have changed now.

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