Kurtosh is a bakery that specializes in chimney cakes with various locations in Sydney. My boyfriend was recommended this bakery by his friend so he stopped by to pick up some treats for me at their Crows Nest location. Yay! As you can tell from the photo below, he didn’t get a chimney cake so maybe I can try that another time.


I like the minimalistic box which is just the right size for the 2 slices of cake we had. At Kurtosh, the cake slabs are sold by weight.  Continue reading →


My friend recommended we try Wok N BBQ in Burwood for Chinese BBQ. They’re located just up the block from Burwood station. I think Burwood is one of my favourite suburbs here now because they have so much Chinese food and it’s closer than going to Central for me. The restaurant was clean and tidy and we were able to get a table fairly quickly. In addition to Chinese BBQ, they also serve traditional Cantonese/HK style cafe food.
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Gami Chicken and Beer

Gami Chicken and Beer has recently opened up at Central Park mall. The restaurant had a refreshing blue themed shipping container inspired interior. It’s located on the lower level of the mall where Doughnut Time used to be and it’s quite spacious in there. I love Korean fried chicken or any fried chicken in general! Gami Chicken and Beer

We started off by ordering the Seafood Pancake. I’ve definitely had better. This one just didn’t seem like it had many ingredients and lacked the crispiness I was looking for.  Continue reading →

SaltVine-Dimmi Restaurant Month

Every year Dimmi has a special restaurant promotion in July where certain restaurants are 30-50% off! I had to take advantage of this and decided to try SaltVine for my birthday. I don’t usually eat a lot of Lebanese food so I was excited to try something different. SaltVine is located in Surry Hills and they serve tapas style dishes. Sorry some of the photos are a bit out of focus.


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Sun Ming-Good Cantonese BBQ

I’ve been seriously craving some Cantonese BBQ and it’s much more expensive here than in Vancouver. I used to eat roast pork at least once or twice a month! Lucky me… but it’s a different story now. I was really glad I discovered Sun Ming and it’s located right by Westfield mall in Parramatta and near the train station. It looks like your typical HK style cafe with BBQ meat that you can order at the front of the shop. No frills here.

Sun Ming Parramatta

Here we have the BBQ Pork and Roast Pork with rice ($14.80). This is probably the fastest thing you can order as the rice is already cooked and all they have to do is chop up the meat! There are also a few greens on the side to make it slightly more balance but we’re here for the meat! The BBQ pork was slightly sweet and well marbled and the roast pork was also equally well marbled and delicious. The crackling skin could’ve been a bit more crispy but it was still good considering it was the end of the day. Each piece was juicy and satisfied my BBQ cravings! Sun Ming Parramatta

Since we both wanted meat, we also had a plate of just Roast Pork with rice which costs $1 less than the combination above.

I would come back to Sun Ming again for their BBQ. I’ve been here once before actually and had some of their regular dishes like baked pork chop on rice which were pretty good as well.

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Milky Lane-Parramatta

Milky Lane is a super funky burger shop and they have a new location in Parramatta now. I was never a huge burger person because I just feel they’re very messy to eat but I’ve noticed there are a lot of great looking burger places in Sydney so I wanted to try more burgers lately. The location is spacious and they have a few arcade machines on the side too. I went after watching Ocean’s 8 and they even had a live DJ that night!

Rihanna is watching you

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Aussie Dumpling King

We were looking for a place to eat after checking out Vivid Sydney at Darling Harbour so as we were wandering around Chinatown and we passed by Aussie Dumpling King. It’s located on the strip of restaurants on Dixon street and there are just so many options there. They weren’t very busy but the menu seemed pretty cheap so we decided to give it a try. It’s hard to go wrong with dumplings right?

Aussie Dumpling King

For our appetizer, we had the Spicy Beef Tripe. This was served cold and they used a bit of the chillies that give you that slightly numb feeling but it wasn’t too spicy for us. The beef tripe was marinated well and had great flavour. Aussie Dumpling King

We also ordered the Xiao Long Bao but what we received was not what we expected. Instead of the traditional dumpling with a thin dough, we had something that was more like a pan fried pork bun with a soft bun instead of a thin dumpling wrap which we found strange and misleading. It still tasted good but it wasn’t what we expected. Also I don’t think they made a mistake as they have another item on the menu which is the pan fried pork bun and these also weren’t fried on the bottom. Aussie Dumpling King

The Combination Meat Sauce Noodles were better than I expected as they used home made noodles which were very chewy and I loved the texture. It’s a very basic noodle dish but the noodles were the star of the show.
Aussie Dumpling King

Lastly we had the Hot and Sour Soup with Dumplings. I’ve never seen this before but we like hot and sour soup. The hot and sour soup wasn’t the Cantonese style we were used to though (although we didn’t expect it). Firstly, it wasn’t a thick soup and it was more sour than hot. In addition to dumplings, it also had some meat bits and veggies mixed into the soup so it was actually quite a filling meal. You can’t tell from this photo, but this was an enormous bowl of soup. They were very generous with the amount of soup. Maybe they wanted to make the portion look bigger? The dumplings themselves were good but we weren’t big fans of the soup.

I think if you decide to visit Aussie Dumpling King, you should probably stick with steamed or fried dumplings and noodles.

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Marrickville Pork Roll-Steam Mill Lane

Marrickville Pork Roll has long been rated as one of the best pork roll spots in Sydney. I haven’t been to their Marrickville location before but they’ve opened a new location at Steam Mill Lane which is much more convenient for me. They’ve only been open since late May and the shop is tiny but there’s some outdoor seating. The menu has the usual options like the traditional pork roll, BBQ pork roll and roasted pork roll. I decided to get the BBQ Pork Roll for $6 and it came with sliced BBQ pork, green onion, pickled carrot and daikon, cucumber, cilantro, pate and the option of chillies. I loved the added crunch from the pickled carrots and daikon as well as the cucumber. The bread roll was perfectly fluffy on the inside with a nice crust on the outside that held everything together. The pate and BBQ pork were also very flavourful. I would definitely come here for lunch if I worked in the area. The sandwich was very juicy and my paper bag was soaked after I was done stuffing my face. So glad I finally tried it! I think I like it more than Destination Roll. The girl serving me was also really friendly.

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Nutie Donuts-New Location

Nutie Donuts has opened up a new location in the Hunter Connection mall and I pass by every morning and gaze longingly at their donuts. This particular part of the mall is also filled with the smells of bacon and eggs so it’s really hard to walk by and not buy something. All their donuts are gluten free, dairy free and/or vegan! In addition, they also sell a variety of other treats such as vegan cheesecake, brownies and cookies. They have also started serving a few lunch items like hot soup. 

Nutie Donuts have flavours like the Couch Potato which is a chocolate donut with chocolate covered potato chips on top and Rocky Road which has marshmallows on top. Other flavours include peanut butter brownie, cookie monster and cookies and cream.  Continue reading →

Myeong Dong Korean Restaurant

It’s getting a bit chilly in Sydney now and what’s better than some warm Korean soup? We headed to North Strathfield to visit Myeong Dong Korean restaurant. It’s a short walk from the train station and when we arrived on a Saturday night, there was a long queue already. Our friends were already waiting and the wait was about half an hour. Myeong Dong Korean Restaurant

The menu had a good mix of soups, stews, hotpots and a few meat dishes. I don’t think they do BBQ here. What really blew my mind was that they gave us 12 different side dishes!!! I’ve never seen so many before and our table was completely covered. Since we had 6 people, they actually gave us 2 sets! I thought this was really generous. There was an assortment of pickled cucumbers, radish, bean sprouts, potatoes, kimchi, konjac jelly, lotus root, seaweed, eggplant, bok choy etc. I would’ve been happy just eating the side dishes alone! I love foods that are marinated, fermented or pickled.

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