Tiger Sugar

It has officially been one week since I started working from home (WFH). I’ve always hated working from home so I never thought I’d ever have to be WFH 100% of the time. It was a bit of an adjustment but on the bright side, at least I’m still employed. A few weeks ago I finally tried Tiger Sugar. They are located across from the Richmond Public Market and next to Mango Yummy.

Tiger Sugar
Before shaking
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Weekend Tea: For the Fruit Tea Lovers

Disclosure: Media Tasting

Weekend Tea is one of the newer bubble tea shops to open recently and they are located in Burnaby, close to Metrotown. They specialize in fruit teas made with real fruit.

The interior is bright and upon entering the store, your eyes will be drawn to a wall with their logo surrounded by fake leafy greens. This is how you get millenials to come to your store! Just make it Instagram friendly!

One thing to note about Weekend Tea is that you don’t get the option of customizing the sweetness or ice levels in your drink. They offer a range of different fruit teas like pineapple passionfruit, grapefruit and even golden kiwi. You can also add cheese foam to a few of the fruit teas as well. We were given the option to pick whatever drinks we wanted to try.

The Honeydew Yogurt consisted of honeydew slush and Konjac jelly. The yogurt series is the newest addition to their line of drinks. I found the honeydew slush to be very refreshing but I wasn’t a big fan of the tanginess from the yogurt. I’m not into Yakult or those types of yogurt drinks so I’m not sure why I wanted to try this. It wasn’t bad though just not my thing personally. On the menu, it didn’t actually say it had Konjac jelly in it though so I was surprised there was chewy bits in my drink!

The Zang Pearl Milk was Weekened Tea’s version of the ever-popular brown sugar pearl with fresh milk. I’m definitely on that bandwagon so I had to try their version. The pearls were a bit on the chewier side but the drink had a nice caramel flavour to it? It wasn’t as sweet as some other versions but you might be disappointed in it.

Weekend Tea

The Lychee Fruit Tea was super pretty with a pale pink ombre colour going on. It had real lychee pieces in it too. This was a very light beverage and would quench your thirst on a hot day. I don’t think there are a lot of fresh lychee drinks out there so it’s very unique.

Lastly let’s talk about my favourite of the day, the Zang Mango. This had a fresh mango mixture on the bottom, fresh milk and a layer of cheese foam on top. I was skeptical about this at first but I was surprised to find that this combination worked. The mango was fresh and sweet and when you mix everything together you just get a hint of saltiness from the cheese foam. I always get milk teas or milk based drinks instead of fruit teas so this hit the spot for me. They also have a strawberry version of this.

Weekend Tea’s menu is not that big and I would recommend you stick to their fruit teas since that’s what they’re known for. We noticed that some of the drinks did take more time to make compared to the average bubble tea. I’m not normally a fruit tea person but I still enjoyed their drinks!

Welcome Parlour-Ice Cream in North Vancouver

I was in North Vancouver to check out the Shipyards Night Market which runs every Friday all summer long. We stumbled upon the new Shipyards complex and found the new location of Welcome Parlour. I had never heard of them before but they have another location in North Vancouver. According to their website, they boast about the natural flavours of their ice cream.

The inside can seat about 15 people and has ample space for line ups. The Welcome Parlour started out in 1909 selling general supplies and ice cream and the store theme reflects their heritage.

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Soirette Cafe-Hot Chocolate Festival 2019

The Hot Chocolate Festival has been on for a few weeks now and will be ending in 4 days on Feb. 14th but I’m still going to blog about it. When I first saw the hot chocolate from Soirette, I did think it looked gimmicky but since I worked nearby anyway, I decided to pay them a visit with my coworker. Soirette is located near Coal Harbour and it is a bit out of the way to get to but the 19 Pender bus does pass by their store. They mainly specialize in macarons but for the hot chocolate festival, they’ve come up with 2 special drinks.

We came for the Dazzling Mermaid to see what all the fuss was about. This pretty drink was a wild blueberry cheesecake and butterfly pea white hot chocolate and it comes with a cute little seashell macaron! I really enjoyed the whipped cream with the addition of sprinkles and candy bits. The mermaid tail is a piece of chocolate as well but I let my coworker have it so I didn’t try it. The drink itself tastes like liquid cheesecake and the butterfly pea makes the drink blue.

What I enjoyed more was actually the Mining for Vibranium drink. This was a coconut ash and black sesame dark hot chocolate. I like dark chocolate more and I love black sesame so I thought this was the best of both worlds. The hot chocolate was not too sweet and tasted more like a hot chocolate than the Dazzling Mermaid. I loved the chocolate and black sesame rim as well. The Vibranium inspired truffle was equally delicious and smooth with the same black sesame and dark chocolate flavours as the drink. I would get this again if I could!

I haven’t been to Soirette in a few years and noticed that they changed the layout of their store. They no longer have any seating inside and they seem to have expanded their baking area in the back. There is a small bench outside if you want to have your drinks there.

Soirette Pastry Boutique Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Pancake Mix Muffins

We acquired a ginormous 10lb bag of Krusteaz pancake mix from Costco because everything is cheaper in bulk! For my family that’s enough pancakes for 5 years… I decided to look up what else I could do with pancake mix and found a recipe for pancake mix muffins. Bingo! It was also very straight foward to make and only required a few ingredients.

Pancake Mix Muffins

I decided to half the recipe since I wasn’t sure if it would taste good so I ended up with 6 muffins. They turned out quite moist and fluffy! You can customize them with whatever toppings you want so I went with chocolate chips and craisins. Blueberries would be good as well if you have them on hand. These pancake mix muffins would also be great for a quick grab and go breakfast.

Check out the recipe here from Family Fresh Meals.

Congee Noodle House-Dinner

This was my first time at Congee Noodle House for dinner but I’ve had lunch here before. I was ready for some good old Chinese food! We saw that they had different deals where you can pick 3, 4, or 5 dishes etc. off a special dinner menu and it will come with rice, soup, dessert and they will give you a small “free” BBQ dish as well! We had 6 people but we don’t eat a lot so we ordered 4 dishes and it came with half a BBQ duck for around $67.

Congee Noodle House

The first dish we picked was the Stir Fried Beef with Onions. There was lots of tender beef here and lots of onions as advertised. I love onions and you can stir fry them with lots of things! As you can see, it was rather oily but that was to be expected. Instead of giving us individual bowls of rice they just gave us a big bucket and there was more than enough rice for us! Continue reading →

Millie Creperie-Toronto

On my trip to Toronto last November, I was exploring the Kensington area which is a really eclectic looking neighbourhood beside Chinatown. Just think lots of vintage shops and brightly coloured murals everywhere.

This is also where I found Millie Creperie! I had read about it briefly but didn’t make plans to visit but my friend and I happened to pass by so I couldn’t resist going in.

Millie CreperieThey serve a variety of sweet and savoury crepes and parfaits. We had already had a huge brunch so we just wanted a light snack. Continue reading →

Nice Cafe-Cheap Diner Brunch

Nice Cafe is located on 8th and Main around the corner from the 8th and Main store. It’s very easy to miss since it’s on the side street but it’s across from 8 1/2 Restaurant and Lounge if that helps. This is the definition of a greasy diner joint. We went on a warm day but it was super stuffy inside so we opted to sit outside where it was much cooler. It was only 20 degrees or so though so I don’t know how they survive in there when it’s 30 degrees.

Nice Cafe

I wasn’t particularly hungry and I was just accompanying my friend so I ordered a Chocolate Milkshake. It came with some generic whipped cream like the kind from a can but the milkshake itself was very good! Chocolatey but not too sweet. I ended up drinking a lot more than I expected to. Continue reading →