Neverland Tea Salon

I haven’t had afternoon tea in years so it’s about time I tried it again. After doing some research, it seemed like Neverland Tea Salon was a good option based on price, food portions and ambiance. They even serve vegan and dairy free versions of their afternoon tea. If you’re not feeling too hungry, you can order their “demi-tea” which is a smaller version of their afternoon tea with less food items.

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Royal Seoul House-Korean BBQ

My friends and I had originally planned to go to Gyu-Kaku but they can’t do groups of more than 10 people so our back up plan was to go to Royal Seoul House. Royal Seoul House has been around since 1990 but I guess they’ve been in business for this long for a reason! Also there aren’t any other Korean BBQ places nearby either.

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Van Tea Cafe-HK Style Cafe

My family always has trouble deciding where to eat but this time, my friend had recently recommended Van Tea Cafe so that’s what I suggested. Van Tea Cafe is a HK style cafe located on the corner of 41st and Main. It doesn’t look like much on the outside but the inside has been renovated with a clean and spacious look.

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Castella Cheesecake

When I lived in Sydney last year, they had quite a few places that served cheese tarts (Uncle Tetsu, Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts, Pablos) and of course I tried them since we didn’t have them in Vancouver before. Castella Cheesecake opened up last year and I finally remembered to pay them a visit. They’re located on Robson and Bute next to Happy Lemon.

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Grounds For Coffee-Best Cinnamon Buns!

There’s just something about a gooey warm cinnamon bun with frosting that makes me melt inside. I was aware of Grounds for Coffee from my time attending UBC but I had just never been and there was no social media hype back then. Ever since Grounds for Coffee invited some influencers to try their cinnamon buns, it put them on my radar again. Social media marketing works (on me at least)!

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Brunch at Mamie Taylor’s

My friend and I were going to watch Captain Marvel in the afternoon but first we had to have brunch! We decided on Mamie Taylor’s because I saw on Instagram they had a new brunch menu. They are located in Chinatown across from Phnom Penh on Georgia Street. I know it’s not where you think a brunch spot would be, especially not in the middle of a block of Chinese grocery stores and Chinese herbal medicine shops. The signage isn’t exactly obvious so it’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it.

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Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus hails from Toronto and their Metrotown location is their first in BC. There was a lot of hype when they first opened in Toronto and they have since expanded across Ontario and into Alberta and now BC. Their Metrotown store is located near Superstore. Sweet Jesus is known for their soft serve cones that are smothered in a variety of toppings. With names like Rocky Road Rage and Hella Nutella, there will be something for your sweet tooth here. I came last month when they were doing a buy one get one 50% off deal.

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Minami is the sister restaurant of Miku, which is well known for their aburi sushi and ocean views due to their location next to Canada Place. Minami is located in Yaletown and although there’s no view, the menu is similar. I was here as part of a Bachelorette party and super excited for some aburi sushi!

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Soirette Cafe-Hot Chocolate Festival 2019

The Hot Chocolate Festival has been on for a few weeks now and will be ending in 4 days on Feb. 14th but I’m still going to blog about it. When I first saw the hot chocolate from Soirette, I did think it looked gimmicky but since I worked nearby anyway, I decided to pay them a visit with my coworker. Soirette is located near Coal Harbour and it is a bit out of the way to get to but the 19 Pender bus does pass by their store. They mainly specialize in macarons but for the hot chocolate festival, they’ve come up with 2 special drinks.

We came for the Dazzling Mermaid to see what all the fuss was about. This pretty drink was a wild blueberry cheesecake and butterfly pea white hot chocolate and it comes with a cute little seashell macaron! I really enjoyed the whipped cream with the addition of sprinkles and candy bits. The mermaid tail is a piece of chocolate as well but I let my coworker have it so I didn’t try it. The drink itself tastes like liquid cheesecake and the butterfly pea makes the drink blue.

What I enjoyed more was actually the Mining for Vibranium drink. This was a coconut ash and black sesame dark hot chocolate. I like dark chocolate more and I love black sesame so I thought this was the best of both worlds. The hot chocolate was not too sweet and tasted more like a hot chocolate than the Dazzling Mermaid. I loved the chocolate and black sesame rim as well. The Vibranium inspired truffle was equally delicious and smooth with the same black sesame and dark chocolate flavours as the drink. I would get this again if I could!

I haven’t been to Soirette in a few years and noticed that they changed the layout of their store. They no longer have any seating inside and they seem to have expanded their baking area in the back. There is a small bench outside if you want to have your drinks there.

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