Le Tigre – Delicious Unhealthy Vegetables

I’ve been to Le Tigre quite a few times now and I think I’m almost sick of it… but I’ll still go back sometime haha Here are a few more items I’ve tried.

Le TigreThese are their “Famous” Beet Fries with artichokes and a 7 spice mayo. The beets were nice and crunchy and they were quite tasty after being dipped in mayo. Ok deep fried vegetables with dip can’t be bad right? These are pretty good considering I don’t eat beets much!

Le TigreThis is the “Crack” Salad with cauliflower, kale, cabbage, broccoli, cracked chilies and parmesan cheese. I never thought that a salad could be this tasty!!! Everything was crispy and a bit salty but had a slightly spicy taste after from the chilies. Super delicious!!! This is my favourite item now. Although it is pretty oily and does not really qualify as a salad it’s so good! Love their flavour combination here.

Le TigreFinally we have the Big Bad Beans which are green beans with spicy ground pork and chilies. These were good beans but they weren’t that special compared to other things on the menu since they were similar to what I can get at a Chinese restaurant. I also thought that there’d be more ground pork too. However, the portion of green beans was still really big. Once again, these were also really oily.

You can read my post about their Kick Ass Rice here. That’s my other favourite! All of the above dishes are $5 too (except the Kick Ass Rice is $9) so it’s affordable and it was filling enough for me. Also, they have awesome menu names!

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The Famous Warehouse

So I heard that there was $5 cheap eats at the Famous Warehouse! Of course that meant I had to check it out so I went on a Friday night with my two girlfriends for some snacks and drinks =) When we got there around 7 there was a small line up but we only waited for like ten minutes so that’s not bad since the place was pretty small. It looked pretty dark and funky inside with like two TV screens.

There was also a free air guitar sign outside the bathrooms haha

The menu really had everything for $5!!! But they were mostly snack type foods like nachos, fries, wings, but they did have a few burgers and they were big!

I didn’t try this but it was big for $5! Baja Fish Tacos. Ok fish tacos seem to be on a lot of menus everywhere now! It came with some pineapple salsa. These were pretty bland tasting and I wasn’t sure if I could taste the fish anyway.

Chicken caesar wrap with fries. I quite liked this there was definitely a lot of lettuce in it but my friend said it was very filling so probably better value than ordering fish tacos.

We also ordered two plates of wings to share. For $5 I didn’t expect much anyway.

BBQ wings. The wings were really small but can’t complain cuz it was so cheap.

Hot wings with dip.

They had a lot of drinks but there were no prices. I ordered a sex on the beach and when I got the bill it was $6.25 so that’s not bad for like 2oz or so. I can’t really tell…

If you don’t care about food quality and just want to chill with some drinks then you should try this place. Otherwise the food quality is reaaaally meh. Or else you can stick with ordering a burger. On the other hand it’s REALLY cheap! I’m sure I’ll come back sometime. The cheap Asian in me can not resist.


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