Alleluia Cafe

Today I met up with a friend for lunch . It was another nice day! So rare in Vancouver I’m still not used to it… but it’s also allergies season. *sniffles* We decided on Alleluia Cafe because we haven’t been there in a long time. We arrived around 2pm and it was still busy inside but we got a table right away in a nice booth. They don’t charge you extra for cold drinks here which is a plus for the summer.

We decided to share a plate of noodles and a plate of fried rice.

This is a Thai style shredded chicken with pineapple fried rice. I think it could have been a bit sweeter aka more sauce because it didn’t have much flavour. You could just barely taste the sweet chili sauce. Ok I was slightly disappointed because I really like this dish usually! Oh well.

This was a satay beef with fried rice noodles. I liked this much better than the fried rice because it had a lot  more flavour. Sure it was a bit oily but that was to be expected and it had a fair amount of beef that was cooked properly.

The usual cold milk tea but it was slightly more bitter? Or it tasted stronger than usual I don’t know…

Soooo cheap :D (I’m a poor student in need of a better job!) I did not know the sauce was called Chinese BBQ sauce… The portion sizes were really good for that price and we managed to finish both plates! I ended up eating most of the noodles even though I ordered the rice xD I’m such a piggy… T^T Service was fast too probably because it was getting late for lunch. Hard to find parking there if it’s busy (as usual in Richmond) !

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